Today we are going to see how to create a WordPress site. This tutorial will teach you how to choose your domain name, your hosting, install the CMS, customize WordPress, manage your pages, create your content and install the widgets essential for the proper management of your site.

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What is WordPress and why choose it?

Created in 2003 and published since 2005 by the American company Automatic, WordPress is a CMS (which means Content Management System either in French Management System Contents) in open source (software that can be downloaded for free).

WordPress is the CMS of choice for bloggers, appreciated for its harmonious themes and its very functional side, well suited to writing and laying out articles. WordPress and Joomla are often compared for the creation of a showcase site or a blog. But unlike its competitor, WordPress has a very active community and you will easily find plugins to transform its use.

Indeed, it can easily adapt its appearance to become the showcase site for your business. It is even possible to modify WordPress in e-commerce with plugins. It also allows you to quickly deploy site networks with WordPress multisite.

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Before creating a WordPress site

You need to know the steps before you start.

  1. Buy a domain name and a server for your site
  2. Install WordPress
  3. Choosing and Installing a WordPress Theme
  4. Create the structure and pages of your site
  5. Have the content written
  6. Install the necessary plugins for a WordPress site
  7. Follow our tips for referencing WordPress
  8. How much does a WordPress site cost?

1. Buy a domain name and a server for your site

Choose your domain name

The domain name is the domicile of your site. Very important for SEO, the domain name should reflect your activity with the keywords correspondents or simply be appointed by the your company name or of your mark.

It is better to choose a synthetic domain name so that Internet users retain it better.

You have the choice between several domain names, namely: Fr., .eu, .org, .biz, .net and of course .com. Do not forget to ” Reserve » your domain name in order to be the only user.

Choose your host for your wordpress site

You have two options for hosting your site: shared server where the dedicated server. There are many hosts, you will be spoiled for choice.

2. Install WordPress

Before you can create a wordpress site, you must install the files on the server. To install WordPress, go to our step-by-step tutorial.

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3. Choose and install a WordPress theme

In your dashboard, click on ” Appearances » then ” themes », and then choose a free theme by clicking ” to add “ . There are many sites to find free WordPress themes. For more details, take a look at our tutorial how to install a WordPress theme?

You can thus decide on the design of your website using the many templates offered by WordPress. The choice of theme is very important because it must be representative of your universe. On WordPress, you can change the colors of the template, insert a background image and a logo, as well as modify the header.

create a WordPress site

4. Create Your WordPress Site Structure and Pages

We then come to the sinews of war, namely the management and creation of the pages of your WordPress site.

On your dashboard click on “item” then ” to add “.

You will see that the article creation presents a fairly simple interface for editing your articles.

create a WordPress site

You can also classify your articles thanks to the tab “Categories” and optimize your SEO by clicking on edit category that you have chosen carefully beforehand. You also have the option of linking articles together. This tab will allow you to properly organize your blog.

create a WordPress site

Then click on “Pages”. This tab will allow you to properly organize the different static pages of your WordPress site, in particular by saving bulk changes.

The structure of your pages will be for example:

  • Homepage
  • Services
  • Achievements
  • Blog
  • Contact
create a WordPress site
To create and modify the appearance of your pages easily, you can install Elementor or Divi Builder, these plugins will make it easier for you to create your WordPress site.

5. Write content for your site

You created a WordPress blog to express yourself and share content, so it’s time to create it, if you haven’t already.

6. Install the necessary plugins to create a WordPress site

Now is the time to install the WordPress plugins that will perfect creating your WordPress site to make it even more efficient.

WordPress SEO

Yoast SEO

WordPress SEOFor the WordPress SEO of your site

Yoast Seo is the basic plugin for the natural referencing of your site. With this tool you can manage the different tags and titles of each item. Yoast is extremely practical because when your site is poorly referenced, it indicates what you need to change so that your site becomes SEO friendly.

Yoast also allows you to manage social networks linked to your site. Undoubtedly the most complete natural referencing tool on WordPress.

Google Sitemap XML

create a WordPress siteFor the creation of a sitemap to facilitate indexing

One sitemap (i.e. a sitemap) allows the robot from different search engines of recognize your urls for the index in the search engine. With this tool the robot is informed as soon as new content is published, which is in a way a watch on the referencing of your site.

Google Analytics for WordPress

create a WordPress siteTo get information about your traffic.

Google Analytics for WordPress is also a valuable tool for referencing your site WordPress. Indeed this plugin allows you to connect to your Google Analytics account, but with an interface and options specially designed for the CMS. In particular, you will be able to be informed of the number of Internet users who visit your site.

Promote your WordPress site


create a WordPress site
To share your articles

Thanks to Shareaholic, you will be able benefit your readers of the best posts of your blog in them posting on different social networks. For WordPress which is a very visual CMS, users will particularly appreciate thebutton aesthetics share.

Tweet this

create a WordPress site
To share snippets to tweet inside articles

Thanks to this plugin you will be able to share quotes from your articles on Twitter. Tweet This allows you to encourage your Internet users to share the content of your texts by placing a Twitter button in each article.

Newsletters on WordPress

MailChimp for WordPress

create a WordPress site
For subscription and manage emailing campaignss

mailchimp is a emailing manager. You will be able to manage the contacts who will receive your e-mails, create forms to your liking and above all receive reports on your communication campaigns. This tool is therefore very effective for managing your advertising on the web.

Ninja Popup

create a WordPress site
For newsletter subscription

Ninja Popup allows you to collect emails. Indeed Ninja Popup offers you to many themes for the creation of a pop-up advertisement on your site.

Layout and performance

Q2W3 Fixed Widget

create a WordPress site
Plugin display manager to get more clicks

Q2W3 Fixed allows you to constantly leave the plugin of your choice on the screen. This widget can be very interesting for incite visitors from your site to share your content at any time during their reading.

Contact Form 7

create a WordPress site
To customize your forms

Very visually rich, this application will allow you to create beautiful forms and add the options you want. You can therefore easily create quotes, invoices, or even purchase orders

WordPress super cache

create a WordPress site
To avoid overloading your server

WordPress Super Cache keeps data in memory so that the server does not have to read them again. This extension therefore takes care, among other things, to technically optimize the loading of the pages.

Congratulations, you have created a WordPress site!

Don’t forget to secure it or update it to avoid any unpleasant surprises! We also advise you to create a WordPress staging site to be able to test your updates and developments safely. Discover our tutorial if you need to delete a wordpress site.

Ask your questions in the comments of this article and don’t hesitate to ask our WordPress freelancers if you need help.

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