Do you have a YouTube channel for your business? Are you interested in discovering ways to attract even more visitors? After uploading a great video to your YouTube channel, there are a few steps you can take to make it easier for viewers to find your content.
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1 – Improve your Youtube channel

To give your videos the best chance of getting noticed in YouTube searches, start with optimizing your channel.
The strength and authority of your channel (number of channel views, number of video views, number of subscribers, etc.) are important signals for YouTube search rankings.
Obviously, if your channel is new, accumulating views and subscribers takes some time.
Luckily, there are some things anyone can do to optimize their channel, whether new or older, to get noticed on Youtube.
Choose a short and descriptive name for your channel
Your title should briefly tell the world what your channel is about.
Include relevant keywords in the description
If you take the example of the Vice channel, you will see that the description tells exactly what the viewer will be able to see and mentions the most relevant keywords in his sector.

Fill in additional details

Spend some time working on your channel graphics. Choose an icon that represents your brand because it will be the showcase on YouTube and seen by everyone. Upload an attractive cover photo and fill your profile with as much information as possible, to improve his Youtube channel.
Install links to your channel on your website

To increase subscribers, include links on the pages of your site.
For example, GoPro installs social media and YouTube links at the bottom of every page on their website. They have also integrated YouTube videos directly on their site to promote their YouTube channel.
Upload videos regularly

Keeping a calendar not only helps you build an audience but also signals to YouTube that your channel is active.

2 – Optimize your videos to be known on Youtube

When you’re ready to upload a high-quality video you’ve created, here’s what you need to do to optimize for search and get noticed on Youtube.
Put keywords in the title but be brief
Make sure you are targeting keywords that relate to your video content. The goal is to make the best video to answer keyword queries and not to play with the system.
The title should specifically tell the content of your video. People will therefore not be disappointed by clicking on the link. Keep the title short so it doesn’t get cut off.
Focus on the first 100 words of the description
Only the first three phrases appear during YouTube search results, so these phrases are very important. In these sentences, you should tell viewers what they are going to see in your video.
For example, when you search for “social media marketing” on Youtube, here is the first video.

The description is short. It also contains the phrase “social media marketing” and clearly describes the content of the video. The title is also optimized for the click.
Include tags to promote yourself on Youtube

Tags (keywords) help YouTube know what your video is about. You don’t have to go too far either. Use only the necessary keywords to describe your video.
Add annotations and maps

Annotations are a chance to get more participation in each video viewing. Remind viewers to like your video, subscribe to the channel, post a comment and take the opportunity to redirect them to other content.
To learn more, you can consult Youtube Academy

YouTube also recently released YouTube maps which are similar to annotations but even more interactive. YouTube hopes to replace annotations with these maps in the future. It is therefore important to know both methods.

Add a custom thumbnail

An attractive thumbnail can encourage viewers to click on your video and helps improve its Youtube channel.
Add the video to a relevant playlist

It’s important to make your YouTube channel a clear and easy place for people to navigate quickly. Playlists will help your audience find all your videos of the same theme. A definite improvement in the user experience.

3 – Promote your content on other social networks to make yourself known on Youtube

Since one of YouTube’s ranking factors is viewer recommendations, feel free to promote your videos yourself.
Allow your fans to quickly and easily share your video by including it on social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Google+ but equal your blog or website.
For example, an easy way to post to Twitter is to auto-post your videos. To link your YouTube and Twitter accounts, look at your channel settings.

However, feel free to manually post some videos to add punchy text. This nba tweets is a good example of sharing.

Remember, it’s all in the viewing!

While you can optimize your video at upload time, these settings won’t help if your video isn’t good.
Why is that ? Because user experience on YouTube is a huge part of the factors selected for ranking. YouTube’s algorithm places a high value on videos that have the most views, shares, comments and number of subscribers.
Creating engaging content is more difficult than just adding keywords or uploading an eye-catching thumbnail. The steps to get there are much less precise but it is the most effective solution to make yourself known on Youtube.
If you are a beginner, try creating different types of videos. For example, interview important people in your industry, create tutorials or show behind the scenes of your business.
You might think there’s a lot of work to do to grow your YouTube channel, but don’t stress. Take it step by step and you will get there. You might even end up having fun.
What do you think of these tips? Do you have any other solutions to improve the visibility of a YouTube channel? Do not hesitate to share your knowledge and tips by leaving us a short comment.

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