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Generally, no one likes to talk about money if there is no minimum level of trust in the conversation. It is an uncomfortable topic and, therefore, if it is asked in a job interview, you may not know very well what to answer. However, there are not a few occasions when the interviewer is interested in the candidate’s previous salary or by the price that he himself establishes for his work. For this reason, it is important that you are prepared and know how to answer salary question in job interview. Your answer or your reaction can not only condition your future remuneration, but it is also possible that it will mark the success or failure of the interview.

What to answer when asked about salary in the interview

If the interviewer decides to be interested in the salary you received in your previous job or about your salary expectations, you will have to have previously decided what your answer will be.

On the one hand, you can choose to answer that this is not a subject to which you attach much importance, that what you really value is work or company philosophy. On the other hand, and if you find yourself obliged to give a more specific answer, what you can do is establish a salary range. This way you will not have to offer a specific figure or condition your future salary. Another possible answer is to indicate that your salary was within the average established by the sector.

Is it correct to ask about salary in a job interview?

The first thing you should keep in mind is that this point is not very well seen by all employers. What do you ask about the salary conditions of a job it may be understood by your interviewer as a merely economic interest, and they may come to think that the job does not really interest you that much.

Therefore, if you need to know the conditions and even negotiate your salary in the job interview, try to analyze the behavior of the person who is interviewing you and anticipate what their impression and reaction will be after the question. You can also choose to wait until the end of the interview, in case your interlocutor did plan to give you that information. If he doesn’t, ask the question discreetly and as one more part of all the data you need to have about the job.

However, many are of the opinion that You should not ask about salary in the first interview. In addition to the bad image that this can cause, doing so can precipitate the decision of your future boss and establish a lower salary than you could have gotten. In this way, wait to be sure they want us for the job to ask about economic conditions can cause these to end up being much better.

Why do you want to change jobs?

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What salary to ask for in a job interview?

Along the same lines, we would recommend trying not to discuss this topic in the first job interview. But if it’s the employer that starts asking you about your salary expectations, you’ll need to be prepared to respond.

First of all, you can say that you are willing to listen to proposals and that what you simply expect is a salary commensurate with your experience and training. But if, on the other hand, you are asked for a specific figure, taking your previous salary as a reference or using an approximate salary range can be two good solutions.

Logically, all your answers will also be influenced by your personal situation and for your needs at the time of applying for the job. But, in any case, try not to be too anxious and respond calmly.

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