Unlike other Skype or Hangouts-type messengers, WhatsApp does not offer an “offline” status that allows you not to appear on the service. However, there is a solution by making a few settings that can help you maintain your privacy.

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WhatsApp does not allow you to hide your online status. L’application works the same way as SMS on a mobile phone: it is always on and connected. The only way to stop appearing online is to simply delete your account. WhatsApp. However, here are some tips for maintaining your privacy without going to this drastic measure.

Change status

The simplest maneuver is to change its status, that is to say the header message that your interlocutors see appear under your username.

  • Open menu WhatsApp (icon with three vertical dots) then press “Status”.
  • In the “Your current status” field, tap the pencil icon and then type a message indicating your unavailability or your wish not to be disturbed.
  • You can add a emoticon or a symbol to make the message more explicit or less abrupt.
  • Click “OK »to save this status. Remember, however, to modify it when you want to use the service again, otherwise your contacts may not dare to contact you.

Change your privacy settings

The most effective solution to maintaining your privacy on WhatsApp is to restrict your interactions to only your contacts:

  • Open WhatsApp’s “Settings” (icon with three vertical dots) then press successively on “My Account” and “Privacy”;
  • In the “Seen at” section (reference to the last time the contact used or visited WhatsApp), check the option “My contacts” if you want this information to be accessible only to your contacts or “Nobody” if you don’t want to share it at all;
  • In the “Profile Photo” section, choose the “My Contacts” or “Nobody” option to decide who can see your profile photo;
  • Same thing for the “Status” section. If you choose “Nobody”, the timestamp of your last login will be disabled. This is the mode that comes closest to “offline”.

Be careful though because all these settings are reciprocal. This means that you will have the same level of visibility on your contacts.

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