Offered services

Reporting to Academic Support and Development Services (SSDA), the Office of Student Inclusion and Success (BIRÉ) was established in January 2021.

The BIRÉ team is available, remotely or on campus, to support students in the success of their studies. All of our services, as well as the best way to access them, are presented in the “Services offered” section.

The BIRÉ team also works to remove obstacles so that the entire student population benefits from the best conditions leading to the success of their study project. Over the next few years, the BIRÉ will extend its offer of specific services to LGBTQA2+ people, student parents, racialized students and the rest of the student population.

Who are our specific services aimed at?

Currently, BIRÉ offers special services to:

  • Students with disabilities
  • International students
  • First Peoples Students
  • Teachers

Application dedicated to students with disabilities

Link to app

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