Sologne is a natural region which covers approximately 5,000 km2 of expanses of forests, ponds, plains, it is a particularly preserved place known for the richness of its fauna and flora.

Approaching its center, the density of ponds increases, so also remarkable habitats, the wild character is accentuated, it is the Sologne of the ponds.

Our fish farming activities are located in the heart of this territory.

Groups of large earthen basins close to the pond system have been fitted out to accommodate the sturgeons.

The chosen breeding method combines three methods. A first year sheltered from pests and predators in an installation allowing a concentration of fish equivalent to what is found in traditional organic farms. A second year in intermediate systems where the density of fish decreases, and finally the last long period of 6 to 10 years favors a very extensive rearing in basins of 5,000 to 40,000 m2.

Our commitment: to offer optimal living conditions to sturgeons, to maintain a quality environment, to be long-term through a simple but rigorous approach.

Our goal: to offer caviar aged in conditions close to natural and prepared with constant attention in respect of tradition.

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