Created in 2013, Heurus offers a new model of serviced residences for seniors. Indeed the Heurus model is unique in France because it offers a real alternative to the EHPAD, which does not meet all the situations of the elderly.

Heurus’ commitment is also based on a core value: that each resident feels free and happy in suitable accommodation but also in complete safety. All residents can benefit from daily personalized support and have a service pack included in the rental.

This pack includes a concierge service, minor maintenance services, help with cleaning or meals, administrative assistance as well as the delivery of meals and times for collective entertainment. This Heurus service pack will soon be enriched by a new remote assistance service.

Heurus signs an agreement with Filien, a subsidiary of ADMR

Logo of Filien ADMR

This agreement makes it possible to include remote assistance in the Heurus service pack. This new service brings an even more complete and reassuring dimension to all the accommodation in its serviced residences.. Indeed, it will be made available to each resident and can be activated at any time of the day and night, 7 days a week in the event of an emergency or the need for assistance.

By simply pressing the beep button (bracelet or pendant), the person who encounters a need for assistance (fall, illness, incident, etc.) enters into contact with the Filien listening center ADMR available 24 hours a day.

remote assistance - pendant

The operator who responds to the emergency then analyzes the situation very quickly, warns the residence team, and/or calls in the appropriate emergency services, while remaining in vocal contact with the elderly person.

This partnership concluded with Filien allows all Heurus residents to be equipped with a remote assistance box, discreet and efficient.. But the link that unites Heurus to Filien extends well beyond that, the two companies sharing the same attention to the necessary prevention of the loss of autonomy, even gradual, in the elderly.

The first Heurus residence to be equipped with the device will be ODYSSEE located in Cherbourg, which opens its doors on July 11. From September, the remote assistance service will then be rolled out to all the other establishments.

Olivier Rohart, Managing Director of Heurus

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