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Programming is cool for your personal projects, on the job it’s hell, slavery, code pissing…

Hell pk? Headache ? Other ?

You’re sitting on your chair not jerking off and working on shitty projects that you don’t give a damn about, you have to think about all safety, etc. and as a bonus we take you for a handsome slave. You spend your time learning new things outside of work time etc. It makes me totally crazy and paranoid as a bonus.

Crap code on something you’re not interested in = hell on earth. Crap code on a pleasant project = really nice.

It is also my job and I confirm the elements mentioned above

It depends on the programming language too, if you do JavaScript it will go by itself even on an osef project

On the other hand, if you’re doing c++ on a project you don’t like, you might as well kill yourself.

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