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The Resume or Résumé It is a document that synthesizes relevant work experiences, studies and skills in order to get a job. Although it is very similar to the Curriculum Vitae, and on some occasions they are used as synonyms, it has its own well-defined characteristics.. On our website we offer you all the information to get to know it well and know how to choose the one that suits you best.


If you are preparing your curriculum vitae and you are looking for information on the Internet, you will surely find a multitude of information about the Resume. What is? Is it the same as the Curriculum? Is it better Resume or Curriculum? Doubts that we intend to solve with this article.

CV vs Resume


Resume - Curriculum Vitae

Writing a resume is complicated for anyone: you have to know what to include, what to leave out, what to highlight and what to emphasize. Poorly organized, poorly structured information can cost you dearly. On the contrary, a good resume can provide you with the personal interview you are looking for. On our website we offer you complete information to get a good resume.

Learn to write a Resume


If you have already decided and are going to use the Resume format for your job search, we can help you. On our website you can find different models and templates already designed and ready to download, with which you will know how to start.

Resume models and templates

The Resume model in English

Just as the Curriculum Vitae is usually the most used format in Europe, the Summarizes it is the typical model of the United States and Australia. For this same reason, it is practically obligatory to dedicate a space to the resume in english and its variants.

Resume on the web

More and more companies request a Resume expressly online. Know the particularities of resume websiteTherefore, it is vitally important to make a good impression on recruiters.

Format to make a Resume for young people

Is this your first time writing a Resume and you don’t have much curricular experience? Discover all the details about the Resume no experience and manages to captivate recruiters.

Free Resume Templates in English

don’t you know yet how to write a resume in english? No matter how many tips you can read, there is nothing better than having on hand Resume templates in English that can inspire you.

Resume format free to download

Do you want to download examples of Resume for free? Do not look any further. Thanks to free resume examples that we offer you below, you can write a curriculum summary most professional. Of course: try to avoid generic formulas and write a personalized Resume for the vacancy to which you aspire. These resume models will serve as a starting point:

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