After studying how Google works, we suggest you come back to the major dates of the American web giant. Since the meeting of its two future creators in 1995 until today, the google timeline is busy and its future promising.

Back in summary, on the great moments of Google history.

The beginnings of Google’s history

It’s in 1995 that Larry Page (then 22 years old) and Sergey Brin (21 years old), computer science students at Standford University in the United States, meet.

A year later, freshly graduated, they jointly decided to create a search engine. Appointed BlackRub, this first tool will take the name of Google in 1997. The term Google is directly inspired by the number 1 followed by 100 zeros, in English “Googol”Or number“Gogol“, Which describes Page and Brin’s ambition to create a search engine to organize an immense volume of information.

Google Inc. was then created on September 4, 1998 notably thanks to the financing of Andy Bechtolsheim (one of the founders of Sun Microsystems and an extraordinary investor who had detected the already immense potential of the work of Page and Brin, in particular on their technological invention of PageRank).

The continuation of the adventure of the beginnings of Google continues in Menlo Park in the garage of Susan Wojcicki that this one rents to the 2 acolytes soon joined by Craig Silverstein, also a former student of Standford.

Less than a year later in February 1999, the company already had 8 employees and moved to more suitable premises in Palo Alto.

It was in August of the same year that Google took its marks in the so-called district of Mountain View in California. It is therefore only a few kilometers from their old university that the team sets up the world headquarters: the Googleplex at 2400 E. Bayshore, also not far from Silicon Valley.

The growth phase

In June 2000, Google signed a partnership with Yahoo! and has more than a billion URLs already present in its index.

In October, the very first service is launched Adwords and in December the firm set up the now famous browser toolbar which allows each user to no longer necessarily go through the home page of the search engine to perform a search.

The year 2001 is that of the arrival of Eric Schmidt as Chairman of the Board of Directors then his appointment as CEO. At the end of the year, the Google index is estimated at more than 3 billion documents.

Launch of Google News in September 2002 and Froogle which will become Google Shopping.

In 2004, the index rose to more than 6 billion entries and the company had more than 800 employees.

Continuous development of new features

In August 2004, Google entered Wall Street with an opening share price of $ 85.

In February 2005, Google launched its service which offers satellite images and routes: Google maps.
Summer 2005, Google research on mobile phones was developed and Google Analytics in November.

In 2006 it is Google Trends which is born and allows Internet users to know the current trends of research. In October 2006 Google bought YouTube.

In 2007, these were the beginnings of what would later become Universal Search (search integrating results in various formats: images, videos, news, books, news).

In July 2008, it was during the Tour de France that images from Street View were used for the first time in Europe.

The index now has more than trillion unique URLs.


Fall 2008: a new practical feature appears: automatic completion, which avoids spelling errors and saves time when the Internet user types a request.

The Open Source browser Chromium is unveiled in September.

At the end of 2009, a total of more than 51 languages ​​were now available in Google Translate.

June 2010, the establishment of Caffeine allows the indexing system to be much faster and to provide Internet users with more recent results.

At the start of the September 2010 school year, Google implemented the instant search to display results as the Internet user types his request.

In January 2011, Larry Page, co-founder of Google, was appointed CEO of Google. Eric Schmidt, the former CEO, then took on the role of Executive Chairman.

In February, it is the filter of the algorithm of the name of Panda which sees the light of day and impacts almost 12% of requests.

Google panda

Project launch Google+ in June 2011.

In December 2011, Google opened its very first offices in France in Paris.

Google continues to grow year after year and is more than just the search engine it started out with. In 2013, Google wanted to expand into the robotics sector and bought 8 specialized companies.

In 2014, Google bought a startup specializing in the field of video games.

In 2017, Google paid Apple $ 3 billion to continue to be the default search engine for iOS devices.

In 2018, Google launched “Google Pay” for Android users.

In 2019, Alphabet (Google) made two notable corporate purchases: Fitbit, a company that develops activity trackers, and Looker, a cloud-based company.

A controversial leader

Google inspires a number of comments, the main ones being linked to its monopoly position on the web; the other players, the former Altavista and the current Bing and Yahoo not being able to fight against the Mountain View firm.

What are the arguments of the main detractors of Google? Why are the anti-Google critics of the Mountain View giant?

  • For copyright infringement.
  • For non-respect of the protection of private life and non-respect of European laws relating to data protection.
  • PageRank is said to be an undemocratic system.
  • For practice of tax evasion in Europe and in France in particular.
  • For internet censorship (see former case of China).
  • For non-compliance with the great principle of net neutrality.

Departure of the founders

On December 4, 2019, the founders of the search engine, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, announce their departure from Alphabet (Google’s parent company).
They believe that Alphabet and Google “no longer need three heads” and therefore leave the reins to Sundar pichai, the current CEO of Google.

Situation in 2021

In 2021 the company is valued on the stock market at 1,185 billion dollars and has more than 103,500 employees around the world.
Google continues to improve its search engine on a daily basis. As presented in this article, it is far from being the only activity of the Mountain View firm.

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