Do you want to travel by electric bike? To cover long distances without feeling tired, the electric assistance of a bicycle is a great help! The Surpass electric bike is only €569.99 on Cdiscount, a particularly attractive price compared to other models available on the market. Find out about the financial aid available with the purchase of an e-bike to further reduce your expenses! This Surpass bike is eligible for state and local government aid.

The characteristics of the Surpass electric bike

The autonomy of this electric bike is sufficient to travel up to 40 km thanks to its removable 10Ah battery. This is a mixed bike, equipped with a 6-speed SHIMANO derailleur, the machine is very comfortable thanks to a straight riding position. The Surpass bike is ideal for urban and peri-urban trips, it allows you to move without getting tired since the electric assistance is triggered on the first turn of the pedals. The motor is located at the rear wheel, its power is 250 W and it switches off automatically when the speed of 25 km/h is reached (compliance with the legislation in force). For your safety, it is equipped with front and rear lights so that you can move around while being clearly visible. You choose from 3 levels of assistance.

Why choose the Surpass electric bike?

The Surpass electric bike is chic and at the same time pleasant to use for your journeys. The use is simple, to turn the bike on and off, just use the LCD screen which is very practical. In the event of a possible problem, within the framework of the guarantee, a Cdiscount partner travels free of charge to carry out the repairs. This is an advantage to guarantee the life of your equipment with ease. The average price of an electric bike is between €1,500 and €2,000, the Surpass electric bike is offered at a much lower price than the market. The price-performance ratio of the Surpass electric bike is excellent!

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