INFOGRAPHICS – Both born from the Principality of kyiv in the 9th century, Russia and Ukraine, which share a long common history, engage in a showdown, thirty years after the fall of the Soviet bloc. Explanations in four cards.

kyiv, cradle of Russia

Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are from the same cradle. These countries share a common origin and long history. They are the descendants of the Principality of kyiv, founded in the IXand century by the Vikings, including Slavic, Baltic and Finnish tribes. This state, also called Kievan Rus, collapsed following the Mongol invasion in the 13th century. Its break-up continued when western Ukraine passed under Lithuanian-Polish control and the northern provinces under that of Moscow. During the 18th century, Ukraine was gradually integrated into the Russian Empire by Catherine II, along with Crimea. Her wealth…

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