TRIBUNE – The presidential candidate explains his recommendations to promote the transmission of family businesses as well as donations between parents and grandparents and their descendants. These are two conditions for the economic prosperity of the country, he believes.

A few weeks ago, I met two entrepreneurs from the rural world. The first lamented: “There were fifteen jewels in our house. The fathers left. None of these companies remained in the heritage of the municipality. They have been bought up and the decision-making centers are abroad.” The second added: “People here don’t know each other. Everything moves. A lot of things have been relocated.”

Today, sacrosanct mobility is taught in all business schools. The idea of ​​remaining sedentary, of prolonging a lineage, the idea of ​​long time, in the economy as in life, these ideas are received by contemporary doxa as signs of sclerosis.

We must find a France of heritage, property and transmission.

I propose to purely and simply exempt from gift and inheritance tax the transmissions of family businesses between generations

Eric Zemmour

For a long time, French capitalism was made up of dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises, but which had difficulty holding up against the large Germanic or American groups. Under the clear-sighted guidance of Georges…

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