For his first match on the bench of the Greens, the Haut-Savoyard moves on the lawn of the neighbor Lyon- La Duchère (N2) this Sunday.

The action after the seduction operation. Presented to the press on Wednesday, Pascal Dupraz returned to the media exercise to which he is accustomed and where he was keen to reassure Saint-Etienne supporters. “We will hold on», Assured the firefighter on duty, called to save the Greens from the abyss in which they immersed themselves in the last moments of Claude Puel’s mandate. Ironically, Monsieur maintenance will begin his mission with… the Coupe de France.

And by a perilous trip on the lawn of Lyon- La Duchère, resident of National 2 (fourth division), where hostility will be pervasive on and around the lawn of the Balmont Stadium this Sunday (13:45). “I was the coach of an amateur club and I also left the lawn as high and as fat as possible with supporters who made fun of the professionals as soon as we met a pro team, and that’s fair game“Dupraz smiled at a press conference on Saturday.

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First chapter

Each match brings its pressure. And this one is a game apart. It’s not OL, it’s Lyon-La Duchère, but it will be almost the same: a commitment match, a men’s match. In the Coupe de France, it’s like that, foresees Timothé Kolodziejczak, who has the particularity of having known the two houses of Lyon and Stéphane.

But his trainer tastes little of the supposed tension of this meeting, which he assures to approach like a normal meeting. “It must not destabilize us, he added. The Cup has a habit of leveling the gaps and it is often the fault of the professionals. So we have to approach this match as a crucial match.A mantra he hammered on Wednesday for his first outing as an ASSE technician.

With Dupraz, every game counts. And becomes part of a large ensemble: “the goal is to write a story. Tomorrow (Sunday) is the first chapter. We will have to keep our serenity without that exempting the players from being aggressive in a good way.An aggressiveness that the Greens had lacked during their last outings, starting with the rout against Rennes on December 5 (0-5), fatal to Claude Puel.

Team wounded in its pride

And the Haut-Savoyard intends to restore vigor and dynamism to a group of “injured players“, Admitted by his predecessor Julien Sablé, who had acted in Reims a week ago (0-2). “I have the weakness to think that I have recipes for the team to get betterDupraz said Wednesday.

Regularly praised for his character as a leader of men, the coach who saved Toulouse has apparently found a respective group. “I feel that the group adheres, it is receptive, anyway, we have no choice because everyone is aware of the situation, underlined Timothé Kolodziejczak. We are given the basics, it’s up to us to apply them in the field. “

Starting with this Sunday, where the magic of the Cup can operate as well in the amateur ranks as in those of the wounded beast. “When you win few matches, redemption comes through victories, Dupraz notes. The Coupe de France is a competition, even more for a club like Saint-Étienne, conducive to raising enthusiasm. You have to pass the first rounds. “

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