The UX and UI Design area is highly valued and demanded in the market, attracting more and more professionals. And the remuneration is also very interesting: the average value of the hour worked in this segment is around USD$30.

But what is it and how does this modality work?

The UI Design – User Interface Design – (or UI Design) works directly with the environment in which each person interacts with a application, software or program. It is directly associated with the interaction between the user and the device in question. The better and more practical this interaction is, the more the application will be recognized as “user-friendly. That is to say: the user experience will be more friendly and easy to use.

Already the UX design (or UX Design) It has a somewhat deeper meaning. It is directly related to the user’s feelings. I mean: the professional you want to work with UX Designneeds to understand and evaluate how users feel about an application or system. For that, you must consider variables such as utility, value perception, efficiency and speed to do choresanticipating possible problems that may arise.

In short: UX Design is the sensory and emotional experience of the user, while UI Design is the “physical” and practical part, which makes things happen.

Below, you can find real examples of good UX/UI experiences to inspire you and make it easier for you to understand. Notice:


The Skype is an old acquaintance in the universe of communicationsbut it was their renovations that were responsible for putting the application in the list of “TOP 5” of better experiences with UX Design of 2017.

Used by millions of people around the world, Skype put the user experience as a prioritymaking it possible to obtain a application more natural, practical and full of new features. All of this makes it easier to chat and provide a much more modern appearance to the application.


The service What does it offer? streaming of music was launched a decade ago and for years reached a success resounding Of its more than one hundred million users, almost 50% adhere to the “Premium” plan, generating excellent profitability for the company. Mark.

The simple design of the mobile app leaves nothing to be desired when compared to the computer version (desktop). Users can create their playlists (playlist), edit them, listen to them in sequence or in random mode.

Apple Music and Tidal keep trying to keep up with the success of Spotify, but have not yet achieved conquer the user as his most famous concurrent.

3. Airbnb

The service that allows renting houses and apartments for short periods in thousands of cities around the world, it is preferred by young travelers on their vacations.

Operating in more than 190 countries, the app recently got an update that allows you to rent real estate instantly and quickly.

His Interface it is clean and functional: the user types in which city he intends to stay in to immediately be able to select the ideal place according to the available dates, the number of guests and the budget for his trip.

  1. Trello

With his also spectacular increase in 2017, Trello is a virtual organizer already adopted by various companies and professionals freelancing worldwide.

Free and compact, Trello is a prime example of UX Designsince it does not consist of many tools unnecessary. With a very simple look, the app goes straight to the pointit is easy to understand, and the user does not need to use it several times until he understands its functioning.

To mark a task as done, simply drag it from one box to another. Simple and fast!

  1. Path

El Path is a social network designed to mobile devices, totally focused on sharing photos and messages. In addition to allowing TAGs, comments and direct messages.

The application has a design very nice, which allows the Username use it quickly and conveniently, without unnecessary messages or multiple levels of windows to post what you want. The interface and navigation menu are equally simplebut they have details that please the user, becoming an even more interesting tool.

As you could see, the user experience in each application or program directly influences the profits that a brand can achieve, as well as its global reach. 😉

If you are looking for a new area to specialize and get more customersthe UI and UX design is a great option. And if you are already a expert designer in these modalities, seize the opportunity! The market is excellent for you professionand in Workana there are innumerable projects waiting for your proposal.

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