The engineering profession is full of specialties. Estimating the salary of an engineer can therefore be complicated. Whether you are an engineering school student or a recruiter looking to estimate a salary, this article may be of interest to you.

The salaries below are indicative only. They represent our observations of the market in France in 2020 according to areas of expertise and experience. In the first column, you will find the specialties of the engineers, then you will find the salary of an entry-level engineer and finally the salary of an experienced engineer.

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computer engineer salary

Engineers specializing in the IT sector are becoming more and more popular lately. With the rapid development of new technologies, their skills are highly valued. New professions such as the post of home automation engineer have recently appeared on the market. There is therefore a strong demand and a real need for training for this type of skill. Computer engineers tend to like working as freelancers. Otherwise, they can work in start-ups as well as in large groups. On the salary side, experienced profiles are rather very well paid.

You will find below a summary table of the salaries of the various professions related to computer engineering.

The salary of digital engineers is expressed in thousands of euros gross per month.

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