After qualifying for the final, the 18-year-old prodigy confirmed that she also had a lot to say off the court.

At Roland Garros,

Qualified for the first grand final of her career, Coco Gauff made a shock statement after her victory over Martina Trevisan (6-3, 6-1) and confirmed that at 18, she had things to say on and off the court. “Peace. End gun violenceshe wrote on camera, adding a heart and her signature. This post from the 18-year-old prodigy comes 10 days after a crazed gunman killed 19 children at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Deadliest school shooting since Sandy Hook, Conn., in 2012. Weeks before the Uvalde shooting, 10 people were fatally shot at a Buffalo supermarket. Asked about this strong message, the American developed in a press conference. “As a person, it doesn’t matter if I’m a tennis player or not, it’s a problem in America – but also elsewhere – that’s also been happening for a few years now and getting a lot more attention. For me, this has been very important for several years. I had friends who were present when there was that shooting in Parkland in 2018. Fortunately, they got away with it. I think it’s absolutely crazy that three or four years later, other young people can have to go through this kind of thing again. I hope my message can be received by people all over the world.»

She assures him, she improvised her message. ” I didn’t know what I was going to write, even when I was going to approach the camera. I woke up this morning thinking to myself: there was another shooting », and it’s still crazy. I know it’s getting more and more attention. This is a theme that has been close to my heart for a long time. Something really needs to be done. Now that I’m 18, I also try to be more aware of certain subjects, because I am able to vote, for example, and I try to use the media coverage I receive in a way wise“.

And as on the court, she displays impressive maturity for an 18-year-old girl: “My team knows that if I want to say something, I will do it. Especially if I say something, it’s because I’ve thought about it, up and down and across before. My team, my parents encourage me. They tell me that I can change the world with my racket. It doesn’t just mean with a racquet, it also means other things. When I left the court, my father said to me: “I’m proud of you, and proud of what you wrote on the camera “. After other athletes, the young American tennis player was outraged by the death of a black man George Floyd during a police arrest. “Am I next?“: Coco Gauff had added her voice to those of the sports world outraged since by the death of a black man during his arrest in Minneapolis. Appearing with his head under a hood, serious gaze facing the camera, in a video broadcast on the social network TikTok, Gauff silently wondered with these words in subtitles: “I use my voice to fight against racism. Will you use yours?»

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