But beware, there is still a 3rd half: the Legislative. The opportunity to put the ball back in the center or rather on the left?

The French will referee this end of the game and beware of surprises at the end of the match!

Could this presidential election sound the death knell for the 5th Republic as we know it?

The increasing abstention rate, the blank and/or invalid votes which discredit and delegitimize, are the harbinger of a political system out of breath, worn out.

The absence of parliamentary proportionality and therefore of representation of minority currents torpedoes our institutions and gives rise to protest movements.

Movements that see into the direct democracy and the referendum the means of restoring a democratic base to the Republic.

But back to tourism. The re-election of Emmanuel Macron will most certainly be welcomed with relief and satisfaction in our industry.

Government economic action was exemplary during the crisis. Unfailing support for companies in difficulty, “assets”, PGEs, solidarity funds, temporary exemption from charges, short-time working have been so many crutches that have enabled companies in the sector to cope to an unprecedented crisis.

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