If you have a baby on the way, then know that the less easy task is to choose a name for this one. Indeed, it is hard to find a first name that is appropriate, original and above all unique for your child. These reality TV stars, in this quest, went beyond convenience, with originality. They did not hesitate to choose the unusual to the detriment of the normal in the choice of first names for their children. First names that did not necessarily make unanimity among Internet users.

I love you

Chosen by Jonathan Cannarsa Hirschbergcandidate of Secret Story 3it is the first name carried by the daughter of the star.

A name that has not failed to raise the reactions of Internet users. Uncommon indeed, fans feared that the child would not be completely comfortable with this kind of first name. The star, not being of this opinion, has clearly said that these reactions amused him, his wife and him. A statement he made to Figaro.


It’s the first name chosen or rather imagined by Alizée and Maxime for their first child. With “Thi“to express the poetry and “Wai” for the Hellothis first name would mean the hi thai. A tribute toAsia, a continent much loved by parents. However, it remains complex to appropriate such a first name in the eyes of Internet users.


It’s pronounced “djoia”and this is the first name Italian from the second daughter of Matika Caringella and Umberto Torreto.

A particular first name, original, but quite rarely chosen to express the “joy“pronounced”happy” in English.


Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia surprisingly chose the first name Leewane for their little girl. Usually attributed to little boys, it is a first name original and very rare. Even more so when attributed to the opposite sex in this case.

It remains to be hoped that it will suit him as well as a boy in order to respond to the quest for originality in the parents’ choice.


Chosen by Anais Camizuli for his little girl, Kessi is a first name unusual and quite intriguing in its writing. Indeed, it is usually normal to observe first names like Késsy or Keissy.

But the star opted for something new and a first by choosing Kessi for her daughter. Always in the quest to differentiate it from others and make it special.


Name borne by a piece, but also by a club soccer, both Londonershe was chosen by Jazz Correa. A rather unusual first name that the star chose for her child. Accustomed to seeing their children given city names, Jazz is therefore launching the trend with this new original first name.


Old, longtime obsession with Carlthe first name relates to the famous Pierre precious red called “ruby“. This is the first name she therefore chose for her daughter. And it is one of the most particular first names recorded, because it is very original and quite subtle and unique.


First name very rare, particular with a rather indecisive pronunciation, it is carried by the daughter of Cecilia Siharaj. The Koh-Lanta candidate made this original and innovative choice to name its little girl. A success in the sense of the particularity of the first name, but also a difficulty in finding one pronunciation exact.


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