Labout the performance management business has always been a fertile ground for research and applications.

However, its influence on the reality of the mode of management practiced within the company is not always underlined as it should be.

Thus, as long as we conceive of performance measurement as an instrument of control and continuous evaluation of employees, we encourage the worst failings of current management, not the least of which is individual competition.

Managerial innovation is intimately based on a principle of delegation of decision-making to actors in the field and autonomous teams.

The implementation of collaborative and innovative organizations therefore implies a profound reform of the performance management method. It is a question of replacing the antediluvian principle of systematic control and evaluation with a principle of decision-making assistance for all.

These are all the aspects of this methodical overhaul of performance management that we deal with throughout this site in addition to the reference book presented below.

To lead is to share decision-making power

The company is a complex system, and the only way to effectively manage a complex system is to distribute decision-making power. For this, it is necessary to first reform the principle of performance measurement.

Whatever the initial ambitions, performance measurement systems are always designed with control in mind, to compare the “intended” and the “realized”. This is not at all what we need in a changing world where the difference is played out in the capacity for innovation.

Reforming performance measurement and energizing decision-making in the field is the purpose of this book, the result of twenty years of practice.

Dashboards for the innovative manager, the bookDriving is sharing power
A 7-step process to facilitate team decision-making

Alain Fernandez

Publisher: Eyrolles

Pages: 320 pages

Price: 25 Euros

EAN: 978-2212569285

This book is available from:

See the technical sheet of the book

Continuing education

Learn throughout lifeA new chapter of this site is entirely devoted to continuous training, alone and at your own pace, particularly in the context of well-conducted self-training. It is said that today we must “to learn throughout one’s life”, nothing more accurate. Let’s take advantage of the resources available and free online, this is the subject of this chapter.

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