Have you ever gone to a site… and got upset because you couldn’t find the right button? To spend several minutes looking for the information or functionality you need? I do !

It is to avoid this kind of frustration that there are UX designers. The UX designer works so that the Internet user (or the mobile user) finds his way easily and finds what he came to look for efficiently. It ensures that the use of a site or an application is as simple as possible, that navigation is fluid and intuitive; in short, that we take pleasure in using the product.

The daily life of the UX designer

Very concretely, the UX designer must ensure that the site or application meets the expectations and needs of its usersthat it provides positive emotions.

To succeed in his mission, the UX designer will use several user-centric methods. He will define the target audience for the product, conduct “user research”: via interviews, observations in situ, data analysis, it seeks to understand and analyze user expectations. He will create prototypes, test them with potential future users… This is called the human-centered design Where Human-Centered Design (HCD).

The daily life of a UX designer is therefore made up of many interactions: the UX designer regularly meets users and must showempathy to understand their needs and expectations. Also, the UX designer is in contact with the technical teams, including the developers! These professionals all work to design the product, but from different and complementary angles.

The difference between UX and UI designer

Have you ever heard of UI?

Concretely, the UI designer mobilizes methodologies very close to UX, centered on the human. While the UX designer is interested in the overall user experience, the UI designer will focus on the interface. In conjunction with the technical teams, he brings the product to life by mixing graphic elements and functional elements, so that the product is as attractive, pleasant and accessible as possible.

If you had to summarize, you would probably say that the UI designer and the UX designer work on overlapping missions… and you would be absolutely right! Moreover, in some structures, we do not differentiate between the two professions and we speak of “Product Designer”. This is often the case in small companies, which seek generalist profiles capable of working on all dimensions of a product’s design.

Want to get started ?

The job of UX Designer

This route is for you if:

  • You like to listen and observe : empathy and a sense of observation are essential skills of the UX or UI designer. If you like to actively listen to the people around you, understand their behavior, observe what is happening around you, perhaps you already have a fiber to develop! 😉

  • You like the creative process : to become a UX or UI designer, you don’t necessarily need to be an artist. But if you are already engaged in a creative or artistic practice, this one will come in handy! Indeed, these two professions are particularly creative and versatile.

  • You have an in-depth interest in the web and graphic design. Do you love spending hours exploring new sources of graphic inspiration? Your curiosity will be a real asset!

  • You like working in a team. The UX or UI designer works very closely with project managers and developers to design the best possible product. These are jobs that require collaboration and communication.

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