Orange Digital Center proceeded, on Tuesday, June 7, 2022 in Bobo-Dioulasso, to the official release ceremony of the 100 full stack developers from Bobo-Dioulasso.

The objective sought by Orange is to support the employability of young people in Burkina. It is in its mission of social responsibility that it initiated the creation of Digital Center in the countries where it officiates, which aims to train young people in the digital profession and with the aim of placing them in companies or support them to create, to become digital entrepreneurs.

This activity therefore falls within the scope of the missions of Orange Digital Center, which is a training and coaching center for young people, students and entrepreneurs in the digital field.

Full stack developers are essential people in the digital profession, the creation of applications and websites.

Minata Traoré/Séré, Director of Orange Digital Center

Through this training which lasted 6 months, these young people benefited from technical and general training in the development of applications and websites.

They learned to create in the exercises at least ten platforms, websites or applications.

Some work was presented by these young people and the participants, in particular the business leaders, made some comments and amendments so that they could improve their work in order to better benefit from the fruit of their work, which remains their property in order to be able to put them to the public or business service.

A team of trained full stack developers showcasing their work

In addition to this training, which is the basis of digital entrepreneurship or work in the digital field, Orange Digital Center forges partnerships with companies with the aim of soliciting internships or employment for these young people trained.

Minata Traoré/Séré, director of Orange Digital Center expressed expectations that Burkinabe youth not be left behind, that they are in the era of digitalization and well equipped to really face digitalization because, she says , “we are in the era of digitization and everything is digitizing. So we need young people well trained in the digital professions, to really set the tone for digital development in Burkina”.

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For Bazona Jean Brice Badolo, beneficiary, this training is welcome for all learners. He hoped that other young people could benefit from this training opportunity because this training brings a lot in terms of knowledge and will allow them to integrate into professional life because they learn like professionals. In this sense, he congratulated the supervisors for the quality of the training given.

In short, he considers the training satisfactory both at the level of the organizers of the training and of the beneficiaries themselves. We are, he confides, “happy to have received certificates which is part of the reward for what we have done, because the best is yet to come, that is to say finding a job, self-employ, create things to solve certain problems of society, contribute to the good life of society through our applications”.

Bazona Jean Brice Badolo, beneficiary

As Jonas Bayoulou, CEO of SOFITEX, sponsor of the ceremony, points out, digital technology has become irreversibly essential for businesses, society and for humans in general. Training young people in digital professions is therefore a winning bet on the future and he can only rejoice at the opportunity offered to Burkinabe youth and in particular that of Bobo Dioulasso.

Regarding the importance of this training, he underlines that without a well-trained youth, a nation cannot prosper and develop.

Jonas Bayoulou, CEO of SOFITEX, sponsor of the ceremony

He also claims to be convinced that these young people have received good training given the quality of the demonstrations, their know-how through the applications. Therefore, he congratulated the supervisors, Orange Digital Center and invited the beneficiaries to make the most of this great opportunity and continue their own training through hard work so that the efforts made to Orange are not in vain.

Ousmane Ouédraogo, a manager of Orange Hauts-Bassins

The beneficiaries received certificates of completion of training.

The training mobilized for Orange and its partner GIZ 75 million CFA francs.

The training also involved 100 other young people from the city of Ouagadougou, i.e. a total of 200 full stack developers trained.

Haoua Toure

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