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The National Video Game Syndicate (SNJV), which publishes the Annual Video Game Barometer every year, predicted in its 2020 edition that creative studios would recruit between 500 and 800 people this year. Opportunities for professional integration therefore exist in the game design, but there aren’t that many. Hence the importance of choose the right schooland in particular specialized training in video games, the only ones to offer a high-level design course, which is truly adapted to the specificities of gaming.

Level designer, 2D/3D animator… professions at the center of design

“The game design professions are exciting because they are the graphic designers and the designers which give visibility to the work of all the other trades”, explains Karen Lo Pinto, educational manager of several of the schools of the Gaming Campus of Lyon, specializing in training in video games. The mission of these digital artists is therefore essential. Level designer, character designer or even concept artist, each of these professionals is indeed at the heart of the process of game design. “So they have to know how to work closely with developers and all related trades, which requires them to be very familiar with thevideo game world and its various components to be truly relevant in their work. »

Art design training: “hybrid” Bachelors and MBAs

The game design training actually combine different specialties. “Just for our G. Art school, we offer 5 diplomas, continues Karen Lo Pinto. A Bachelor’s degree in digital graphic design, Bac +3 level, three MBAs (Bac +5) in Technical artist, Game artist and Sound designer, and a Videographer certification. »

Because nothing beats hybridization, curriculum of the G. Art school, sometimes more artisticsometimes more techniquesoffer training in the culture of video games, but also in drawing, perspective, graphics, 2D and 3D software, communication, the economics of video games, without forgetting of course internships and projects such as the design and production of video game characters, the development of a simple mobile game, and finally the design and development of a more elaborate game. “According to the MBA, the course will be more or less oriented towards the overall artistic aspect, the graphic aspect or even the sound environment. »

Good to know: the most innovative private schools in the sector have largely abandoned traditional teaching methods. Forget high school with the teacher teaching and the students listening. In video game training, the most widely adopted principle is that of pedagogy by “project”. As Karen Lo Pinto explains, “It’s about putting the students in front of an objective, and it’s by achieving this objective, for example the design of a character or a game level, that they will be able to acquire skills. It’s a learning method very motivating and suitable for young people. »

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Very open applications

For join a game design schoolthere is no need to have multiplied the work in the field or to immediately master the latest software released. “Most of the time, it suffices to have a baccalaureate, confirms the educational manager of G.Art. Then it’s the motivation of the candidate who will make the difference, which explains why we attach so much importance to the cover letter that he will send us, and of course to themaintenance that we will then have with him. Another important point, you should know speak English ! »

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