It was IBM France which introduced the word computer into the French language in 1955 in order to avoid literally translating the English computer hitherto intended for scientific machines. The French case is quite rare because many languages ​​have preferred to transcribe English directly: Компью́тер in Russian, computer in Italian, in German, computer in Portuguese. Spanish uses both computer and computer which he derives from French. In the 1950s, there was indeed no vocabulary to describe a fabulous machine resulting from the work of the British mathematician Alan Turing.

Miniaturization and the fall in the cost of computers

Appearing as early as 1939, the computer followed a life cycle comparable to that of the inventions of the industrial revolution such as theautomotive. Its cost was initially very high and intended for a limited clientele. Only the United States had the means to manufacture computers after the Second World War, like the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer). Gradually, its use spread:

  • the appearance of integrated circuit enabled medium-sized companies to acquire them from the second half of the 1950s;
  • the office automation developed from the 1970s;
  • in the second half of the 1990s, it spread through homes and took advantage of the rise of the web ;
  • it exists today in the form of tablets, smartphones, laptops.

A programmable information processing system

According to the theory ofAlan Turing a computer is an information processing system organized into programs. A sequential read causes the device to run on a mode binary arithmetic and logical operations as soon as it is powered up.

How does a computer work?

A computer combine the software or software which gives instructions and material which is called the hardware. Computing is designed on the model of the human body consisting of the brainorgans and inputs and outputs that are equivalent to perception.

The software or software, brain of the computer

Software is made up of a series of sequences of instructions, called programs, and data, which the device analyzes and processes. the operating system is the most important part of the software because it manages the resources of a computer. The quality of a software must take into account in particular:

  • full functionality;
  • reliability;
  • the performance ;
  • the accuracy of the results;
  • the simplicity.

Hardware or computer hardware

Hardware is nothing but computer hardware. It receives and applies the commands of the software. It includes in particular:

  • the processor who processes the data;
  • the motherboard, responsible for component support;
  • RAM or random access memory;
  • video card and monitor;
  • the keyboard.

How to clean a computer?

There are several ways to clean a computer. This can of course be done physically by cleaning the fans or changing the parts. It is also possible to use the functions of your device or specially dedicated software.

Physically clean the device

  • A bomb to air intended for this purpose should clean the fans.
  • Change device components.

Use free software

You can download CCleaner, CCEnhancer or AdwCleaner for free to clean your computer.

It is also strongly recommended to consult a computer specialist.

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