In the world of communication and marketing, we are constantly innovating in order to optimize the impact of a brand on its target.

The methods, more and more varied, adapt to their time: today, personas are particularly effective in the hunt for prospects.

Personas: definition and principle

If you work in marketing and communication, personas should have no secrets for you. Indeed, this trend is increasingly present in the various campaigns implemented.

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In reality, a persona is a imaginary individual, most often represented by a photograph and characteristics extracted from the typical users of the company. In his features and in his attitude, he represents a target previously defined.

Our example

For example, we could invent as a character for the use of a supermarket drive: Bruno, 38, company executive married to an employee in the public service, with 3 children. Indeed, Bruno is one of those individuals who does not have time to go to the store to fill the large fridge of a large family. With this information, the marketing teams will be able to have fun adapting the sale of the drive (message, slogan, feature) for people like Bruno.


In the end, we can assimilate the persona to a “ typical user “. This profile created from scratch seems, in fact, completely real and makes it possible to identify future customers to respond to the various problems they encounter.

This technique gives one or more faces to marketing teams and is an effective technique for target prospects. More and more brands are putting this technique into practice: if you haven’t already done so, think about it!

How to define the perfect persona(s)?

Initially, the creation of one or more persona(s) involves collecting information on the existing clientele – or, in the context of creating a service, taking an interest in potential users.

Concretely, if you already have a clientele, do not hesitate to use polls on the various online platforms, to send requests by e-mail or to post questions on social networks. The objective is to identify your regular users, their profile, their needs, their reactions.

Good to know

In the creation of the persona, you must imagine a geographical situation, specify his age, his level of studies, his profession or his family situation. The key is to choose plausible elements, in which the target can easily find themselves.

Note that you can create much more specific cards linked to these personas. So you identify the motives and possible brakes of each one in order to be able, in all circumstances, to adapt your speech. In your strategy, if you rely on specific profiles, with an identity, a story and a background, you will more easily manage to create an effective communication campaign.

To conclude, personas allow, for your external communication, to give confidence to your future users and to attract a target. In addition, producing more complete “identity sheets” will allow you to adopt a coherent discourse, regardless of the profile of the individual in front of you.

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