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Still too little used, the catchphrase in the CV is nevertheless very effective in attracting attention! Find all our advice and examples to write yours.

At a time when recruiters are receiving more and more applications, it has become necessary to stand out. We know that a good presentation of skills and professional experience, a neat and refined CV or the addition of figures make it possible to stand out, especially in positions that attract many candidates. But to stand out and boost your chances of getting an interview, try the catchphrase!

What is the catchphrase?

We see it more and more often on online resume templates and tools. But what is it for?

The catchphrase in the CV takes the form of a short text composed of keywords and holds on two or three lines maximum. This paragraph aims to arouse the interest of the recruiter and make him want to continue reading. It is in a way the appetizer of your CV!

This short description can summarize and highlight your professionnal careeryour expertise in the targeted area, your Main skills or your objective professional.

In any case, it aims to tell more about you, highlight your strengths and present the reasons why you are the ideal candidate for the position.

Arranged in an “about”, “presentation” or “profile” insert, the catchphrase is placed at the top of the CV, under the title and personal information. It’s the first thing the recruiter sees on your resume, after the job title. So remember to take care of the presentation and layout.

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Why is it important in the CV?

Adding a catchphrase in the CV is not mandatory but it is an exercise that can earn you points. Like a book, an article or even a dissertation, the hook must be easy to read and well worded to catch the eye and hold the attention of the recruiter.

By making the effort to write a “summary” of your CV, you show that you are committed to doing well. But that’s not all ! This also and above all allows you to quickly identify if you match the profile you are looking for. In other words, you make it easier for recruiters and save them valuable time.

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Make a catchphrase when you are a student or recent graduate

If you are taking your first steps in the job market or applying for an internship / work-study, adding a catchphrase is all the more relevant! As you have little or no experience, it allows you to talk about your professional project and your personality. Two criteria that recruiters analyze when they recruit student profiles or those without experience.

To write your teaser, explain in two sentences what training you are taking / have taken, why you are applying for this position and what your professional goals are. For it to be effective, be concise and use certain keywords from the job description. Remember that you will detail your skills in more depth in the cover letter.

Student in 2nd year of digital marketing, I am looking for a 6-month internship to perfect my SEO techniques and validate my diploma. A first experience of 3 months in digital marketing allowed me to discover how to manage an editorial strategy. Energetic and methodical, I am keen to join a passionate team.”

By reading this sentence, the recruiter should be able to understand who you are, what your goals are and have an idea of ​​your personality.

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Make a catchphrase when you are in retraining

Candidates in retraining will also be well advised to include a catchphrase in their CV to explain their background, the reasons that led them to change fields and their project. The idea is to highlight the transversal and transferable skills acquired during previous experiences.

Abstract : Enthusiastic and pedagogue, I decided to trade my career as a school teacher for a training in psychology. Recently graduated, I want to put my sense of listening, organization and communication acquired as a teacher at the service of the well-being of people..”

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Make a hook when you have experience

If you have many years of experience behind you, your catchphrase will take on a different twist.

Rather than explaining your professional project, you will summarize your career path and present your main key skills in relation to the position sought. Adding one or more large numbers representative of your work can lend credibility to your hook, as can showcase your accomplishments.

About :Maintenance technician graduated from a professional license, I worked for 10 years in the industrial environment and in aeronautics. Passionate about solving problems, rigorous and available, I am committed to investing in the maintenance of new equipment.”

Presentation : Sales manager with 12 years of experience in the sale of ethical and sustainable clothing, I specialize in commercial animation and team management. During my last professional experience, I contributed to increasing turnover by 15% thanks to the implementation of new methods of collaboration.”

If you run out of space in your CV, do not hesitate to write a more concise sentence, which goes straight to the point.

Profile: With 12 years of experience in brewing, a versatile, energetic and meticulous server, I make it a point of honor to work in a good mood..”

Adapt the style of the sentence to the position targeted

Each hook is unique and reflects your application. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to adapt the tone to the company! A warm sentence, punctuated with humor will be very appreciated in start-ups or com’ agencies, and a more sober, more informative tone will correspond more to positions in finance, banking or law.

Of course, a catchphrase will only be really effective if it is associated with a good CV, without spelling errors and with a pleasant formatting.

Find all our advice to help you write an impeccable CV!

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