Display your leadership on your manager CV

Leadership is a skill that recruiters appreciate when it comes to hiring a manager. The leader manager, or the manager coach, is able to lead a team towards the achievement of set objectives.

  • The shape of a CV can immediately reflect a certain charisma, and sometimes even before it is read! A CV is first read diagonally. A synthetic CV, on one page, shows your ability to summarize your professional background.
  • Even more than the others, the CV of a good manager must appear attractive and go straight to the point. CV
  • On the form, this means that his photo, if there is one, is well chosen, and above all, that the CV should not exceed one page.
  • A little touch of color can be appreciated, and will energize your CV.

CV manager and managerial skills

Of course, the shape of your CV is not everything. To make a recruiter want to make you the next manager of the coveted company, the bottom must be there. And in particular, all or part of the qualities of a good manager must appear in your CV. Stress management, availability, conflict management, support for employees and the ability to motivate your team, these are the managerial skills that must be included in your CV if you are looking for a managerial position.

As for where they should appear on your CV, feel free to disseminate them all over the place. If the bulk of management skills should take place in the Professional experience section, you can start to slip in some as soon as you hang up your CV. On the other hand, there is no need to specify only, in the title of the CV, “manager”, unless this mention appears in the title of the job offer.

Good to know : if you do not have these 5 managerial skills, no need to lie on your CV, the recruiter will quickly unmask you by asking you two or three questions. Better to have fewer, solidly documented in your manager’s CV, than all of them, but touched on.

Justify your management skills with concrete results

Saying it is good, proving it is even better! With a few hard numbers, you show the recruiter that you know what you’re talking about and that the results are there. By recruiting you, he ensures the profile of an experienced manager, autonomous and whose results will soon arrive. This is not negligible in times of crisis, where time equals money.

How to justify your managerial skills in your CV? You have to unfold a story close to reality: say where you wanted to go, what you were able to put in place, with what means and for what results. Two or three lines may be sufficient.

A manager is as much someone who supervises a team as someone who knows how to achieve a goal. You will therefore be able to illustrate these two aspects of your job in your CV.

Our Cadremploi advice : do not compartmentalize your managerial qualities in a dedicated section of your CV. The ideal is to describe them in figures by associating them with concrete and achieved objectives. The Professional experience section of the CV is the one that lends itself best to this.

Suggest references in your manager’s CV

What could be more concrete than getting the employees who worked with you to talk about your manager’s CV? Other managers, and members of your teams, will be in the best position to promote your management skills to the recruiter.

Do not hesitate to include your professional references in your manager CV. Recruiters will be sure to contact them to talk about your work. Beyond your know-how, they will also be able to get a better idea of ​​your personality and your soft skills. Some, very popular with recruiters, will undoubtedly change your application and allow you to find the job of your dreams. This is, for example, team spirit or a sense of service, which are highly sought after when seeking a managerial position in a company.

Managerial interests and CV

Relegated to the end of the CV, even for a manager, do not ignore the CV’s Interests section. Skilled recruiters will see valuable managerial qualities in these few well-informed lines. Managers can talk about cooking in their areas of interest to illustrate their art of synthesis. Likewise, you can talk about your taste for theatrical improvisation, also useful for bringing a team.

Are you looking to take on managerial responsibilities? Prepare yourself in advance for special manager questions that recruiters may ask you. And in particular, to the question Why become a manager?

Manager CV example

Looking for inspiration to write your manager CV? Our model can help you do that.

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