The area of ​​nutrition is very broad and if you are going to apply for a position in the sector it is important that match the aim and identify exactly what the characteristics of the company are to which you send the resume. From a nutritionist consultation, through a gym, a nursing home or a public post to design school menus, for example. The differences between one position and another are notable and therefore you should also prepare your resume differently.

nutritionist resume with no experience

If you have now finished your studies and are going to immerse yourself in the world of work on your resume, obviously, you will not be able to review any previous work experience. Although you must add in your cv the practices that you have been able to do during the race and, if possible, attaching positive references from the people you have worked for.

If you do not have experience as a nutritionist, your strength will therefore be training on the resume with no experience. In addition to the mandatory studies to practice as a nutritionist, she highlights all the courses you have taken related with the theme. If any of the courses is related to the job you are applying for, you must put first and detail the skills you have acquired.

In front of a person with experience as a nutritionist, you have to compete demonstrating your initiative, your desire to work and the effort you have dedicated to training.

It is also interesting that you add in attached documentation specific diets that you have designed. But don’t put them in the middle of the resume, leave them as attachments for the recruiter to review if he sees fit.

If you aspire to work in a diet clinic or similar establishment where you have deal with client It is also appropriate that you include in your resume the experiences you may have in customer service. Although the sector has nothing to do with nutrition, it shows that you are used to serving people and dealing with clients.

Common errors in the nutritionist resume

It’s a mistake do not highlight the degree in the curriculum with which it is counted. It clearly stands out if you have a degree in nutrition and dietetics or have a medium or higher cycle of nutrition. The intrusion in this labor sector is high, it makes a difference, highlighting your official training.

It is also a very common mistake not prioritizing among the courses you have taken. You may have taken 20 courses on different aspects of nutrition, but if you don’t highlight the ones that are relevant to the position you’re applying for first, chances are the recruiter will tire of reading before getting to the important ones.

And of course common errors in all types of resumes such as forget personal data important, specify the primary studies (if you already have superiors, the above are taken for granted) or too much extension and of course the spelling mistakes.

What to study to be a nutritionist?

Here is an example of a nutritionist resume so that you can download it in pdf and word format and use it as a template.

We leave you an example of a nutritionist cover letter that can serve as a model to prepare your own.

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