The resume of a lawyer It follows a similar structure to the curriculum of other professions, but certain essential aspects must be taken into account to highlight. A lawyer You must meet certain requirements in order to practice your profession., not only formative, but related to his personality. For this reason, the curriculum is a fundamental piece when looking for work as a lawyer, since it is the first impression that the employer is going to take. It is advisable to highlight those aspects that are relevant to the company to which you are applying or according to the specifications of the job offer.

One of the key points to be highlighted on the resume is lawyer specialization, it is important for recruiters that the candidate indicates his specialization, in this way they can know if he is suitable for the company. But, beyond legal knowledge, there are other aspects that can be just as important, such as, for example, if you are specialized in international contracts, you must demonstrate the capacity to carry out commercial activities.

Likewise, the languages ​​for a lawyer resume are essential, sometimes the same title of the curriculum should be indicated.

What should the resume of an inexperienced lawyer contain?

As you do not have previous experience, it is convenient to highlight other aspects, such as the training that demonstrates what you have studied to be a lawyer. It is necessary include degree and study center, also all that additional training related to the position to which you apply. In the case of languages, it is necessary to specify in a differentiated way the level spoken, written and read in each of the languages ​​that you include.

At the same time, include stays abroad, management of tools and software for the management of law firms, whether with scholarships or volunteer activities, it is convenient to include it, specifying the study center and the period, in the case of training scholarships. For internships abroad, it will be included in the professional experience section, along with the rest of the internships if they have been carried out.

In addition to all of the above, in a resume without experience it is highly recommended to include the objectives and work interests that you have, in this way the recruiter can evaluate the commitment of the candidate.

How to include the objectives in the resume of a lawyer

You can include this section on your resume, though it is not mandatory It is recommended, and valued by the recruiter. Always use a formal language, you do not need to write a very long paragraph, since that is what the cover letter is for. Can you include an objective in the resume similar to this sentence:

As a professional committed to the law, my main objective is to offer a high quality service to clients, following professional ethics and social responsibility. I want to pursue my career in a firm specializing in business consulting to be able to use all my knowledge.

Frequent errors in the resume of a lawyer

not recommended prepare the curriculum by competencies, since this type of curriculum vitae does not allow the Human Resources department to evaluate the candidate’s profile well. A standard resume detailing professional experience is preferable.

To the indicate work experience it is very important to indicate the dates, when they are not indicated, the recruiter cannot evaluate if the knowledge acquired or the experience in that company or sector can be useful in the new position.

Includes those relevant professional activities, that is, if you have worked in something unrelated to law or the legal profession, you do not need to indicate it. On the other hand, if the period of time you have worked is long, it is convenient to include it.

Business card for lawyers

Do you want to design a business card for lawyers? A business card will be a useful way to convey your information and simple to design to get new clients. We will be able to create our business card in Word in a professional way by selecting the appropriate text and graphics for the personal image that you want to give.

Objectives in the lawyer’s resume

The objectives for the lawyer’s resume are quite relevant when applying for a job, so we must add approximately 5-6 lines, after having described the academic training and professional experience. In the objectives we will write our goals and objectives both short and long term within the desired company.

What to study to be a lawyer?

courses for lawyers

Do you want to present yourself to some oppositions to be a State Lawyer or do you prefer to work in a private law firm? Does not matter. Whatever your situation and preferences, the truth is that there is a perfect course for you.

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Here you will find a lawyer resume already filled out and ready to download and modify. Take this example of a lawyer resume as a model to create your own.

This cover letter is specially designed for those lawyers who, although they have finished law school, still have little work experience. Remember to include any additional information that complements your profile.

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