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When we talk about canadian resumemany times we get confused and refer to it as canadian american resume template. However, and although the Curriculum Vitae in Canada is very similar to the American curriculum, it is not correct to think of both as the same model. Below we explain the details.

The Canadian-type resume

Are you looking for tips to write a Curriculum Vitae to work in Canada? Here’s one: the most correct way to refer to a canadian type resume It is not canadian resume; what recruiters are really asking for work in canada is a summarizes in English or French, depending on the company.

The curriculum model in Canada also differs from the rest of resume templates in three aspects: Canada Curriculum Vitae You must not put your photo, nor your age -it is prohibited by law- nor your postal address.

Canada Curriculum Vitae: Template

Although the Canadian Resume models present some differences with the european resume formatit is true that the Canada Curriculum Vitae template is very similar to the model chronological resume Y functional resume What can we find in Europe? Therefore, bet on a canadian resume template similar to the ones you have below will be a wise decision.

Functional Resume

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