We are convinced that transparency and honesty are the guarantee of long-lasting and stable relationships, allowing us to create a win-win partnership with our customers and our employees.


Our teams are always on the lookout for innovation, whether in our working methods or in the very nature of our products. For us, the challenge is a source of creativity and allows us to improve on a daily basis to meet your needs.


In each of our decisions, people are at the heart of our concerns. We want to create technology at your service, so that it is useful to you and brings you more well-being at work.

We think about our solutions, we develop them and we market them.

Kizeo is a French SAS created in 2011 and specialized in publishing application software. In other words, our core business is the development of IT solutions in the form of applications for companies.

Our ambition ?

That smartphones and tablets become a real working tool within companies. Our various products provide an appropriate response to the problems and needs of large groups, SMEs or very small businesses, which are perpetually in search of simplification and productivity gains.


Kizeo a modern Startup
Kizeo an International Startup

Today present in 38 countries, we like to cultivate the cosmopolitan aspect of our teams.

With the aim of always better meeting the needs of our users, whatever their country, we attach great importance to having within our structure, interlocutors in French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Creole and Portuguese. .
And tomorrow, who knows 😉

This human diversity has brought us real wealth as well as an open and international vision.

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