Future e-merchants are spoiled for choice among the solutions to create an e-commerce for free.

From WordPress to Shopify, via ClicBoutic or osCommerce, each e-commerce platform has its advantages and disadvantages, whether the chosen solution is free or paid.

We therefore offer you a brief overview of the 15 most used e-commerce solutions, containing both SaaS site creation software and CMS. Note that our article contains sponsored results.

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The 10 best solutions to create a free e-commerce site

Wix eCommerce: Create Your Online StoreSponsored

Wix eCommerce is the ideal solution for creating a website and developing your business in the field of online sales. Hundreds of templates are available and customizable according to your needs, which allows you to create a unique shopping experience by adapting each aspect of the site (showcase, presentation of items, basket, etc.).

Wix takes customization even further with comprehensive integrations developed to connect all the necessary tools, software, and runtime services.

Several sales channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping or eBay are integrated into the platform to reach as many customers as possible. Products can also be sold anywhere in the world and all activity is managed from a comprehensive and easy-to-use dashboard.

This intuitive platform allows you to create a professional e-commerce site at a lower cost and without sales commissions.

Wix eCommerce

ePro Shopping: your free eCommerce siteSponsored

ePro ShoppingCreated 100% in France, ePro Shopping has nothing to envy to other e-commerce solutions.

This “all-in-one” solution stands out for its many features, its ease of use and the quality of its technical support.

With ePro Shopping you have everything you need to easily create your professional looking online store for free.

PrestaShop, the free e-commerce platform Made In France

Prestashop e-commerce site

With over 270,000 online stores, Prestashop is easy to install and has a plethora of themes to customize your merchant site.

Many extensions also allow you to add functionality to your Prestashop store to sell better online.

However, most are chargeable, which can quickly increase the bill.

Magento, to create more complex online stores

Magento, platform to create a free e-commerce site

Launched in 2008, this open source tool allows you to create a completely personalized online store.

You also have the choice among many templates, classified by theme, allowing you to get started quickly.

Finally, Magento has several native applications to help you manage your e-commerce from A to Z: inventory management, marketing tools, natural referencing, emailing, etc.

OpenCart, for small online shops

OpenCart e-commerce CMS

Opencart is a free turnkey open source e-commerce solution. It is recommended for small traders and start-ups for its speed of installation and its very low set-up cost.

On the other hand, the number of functionalities and the customization of the e-store remain limited compared to competitors.

WordPress, the #1 CMS

WordPress, platform to create a free e-commerce site

WordPress is the star of CMS and many plugins will allow you to install your WordPress online store in a few clicks and have access to a library including thousands of themes – thanks to WooCommerce.

However, to make full use of the resources of this solution, it is better to master HTML and CSS.

osCommerce, e-commerce for budding developers

OsCommerce, platform to create a free e-commerce site

This free and open source solution can be installed on any dedicated server, provided you have mastered the procedure.

To this end, osCommerce is more intended for entrepreneurs who know how to code or who have a minimum mastery of the basics. Even if it is always possible to call on a service provider for help!

ZenCart, an open-source and free e-commerce solution


Free open source software, the ZenCart e-commerce solution integrates many native features.

It allows you to create a very complete online store, with everything you need to propel your business: newsletter, gift vouchers, sponsorship system, several payment methods, choice of delivery, etc.

Drupal Commerce, ideal for online Social Commerce for free

Drupal Commerce, solution to create a free e-commerce site

Drupal Commerce is another open-source solution to create your e-commerce. Very versatile, Drupal Commerce will certainly seduce you thanks to the many extensions and themes it offers.

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VirtueMart, the free Joomla e-commerce extension!


VirtueMart is the open-source e-commerce extension of the free Joomla! CMS. Complete and easy to install, VirtueMart will allow you to propel your products internationally thanks to its integrated SEO optimizations.

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7 paid platforms to create an e-commerce site

WiziShop, French e-commerce platform for your online store

Wizishop, platform to create a free e-commerce site

Wizishop is an e-commerce solution that stands out for its simplicity of installation, which does not require any special knowledge.

This platform offers all the basic functionalities necessary for your e-commerce: order management, sending of newsletters, SEO optimization, mobile version, etc.

In terms of cost, registration is free, but you will have to pay a percentage of your turnover.

Shopify, the solution for your trendy e-commerce site

Shopify, platform to create a free e-commerce site

Shopify is a SaaS platform that allows you to create an e-commerce in 48 hours, from an already existing theme or by building your 100% personalized design with your own graphic charter.

Regarding the price, you will have to pay a monthly subscription which starts at $29/month for small businesses. You will also have to pay commissions on sales.

Oxatis, a complete solution to create your e-commerce site easily

Oxatis, platform to create a free e-commerce site

Created in 2001, Oxatis is a complete e-commerce solution since the hosting of your store can be included. Accessible for any type of business, more than 400 features are also offered.

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Clicboutic, to make your Prestashop projects a reality

ClicBoutic, e-commerce site creation platform

ClicBoutic is an e-commerce site creation software based on Prestashop.

Easy to use, this solution offers many features with a clean interface: enough to create a powerful sales site that will ensure the loyalty of your new customers.

Its monthly subscription starts at 19€/month (in limited version) and goes up to 129€/month for the most powerful online businesses.

Bigcommerce, to create your e-commerce site quickly

BigCommerce, e-commerce site creation platform

This e-commerce platform works thanks to the Cloud and allows you to create an online store quickly for any type of business.

BigCommerce offers many features allowing you to manage the back-office as well as the front-office and to follow the conversion of visitors.

Weezbe, another French e-commerce platform for your merchant site

Weezbe, e-commerce site creation platform

Another well-known tool for creating an online store, Weezbe offers a long list of features for a high-performance and secure site. For example, you can create and send emailings.

Weezbe’s pricing varies according to your turnover excluding VAT. It will be necessary to count at least 19€ HT per month.

e-monsite, French site creator for VSEs-SMEs

e-monsite, e-commerce site creation platform

Created in 2004, e-monsite is a “Made in France” solution which was first seen as a complex tool to master. However, the features offered are interesting and sometimes up to the level of large CMS, not to mention that there are many possibilities to optimize SEO and create a successful e-commerce site.

E-monsite will therefore certainly appeal to people with slightly more advanced skills in the creation of e-commerce sites.


Depending on your resources, your needs and your technical knowledge, it’s up to you to choose the solution best suited to your needs to create your e-commerce site and boost your sales.

Do you want to create an online store but you don’t know where to start? Better to turn to a specialist: find a freelance e-commerce consultant on Codeur.com.

Do not forget to rigorously complete a specification for the creation of an e-commerce site.

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