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5 Online Classes for Beginners to Draw Manga Characters

Learn how to create your own manga and anime characters with the experts at Domestika. Manga character design is a creative discipline inspired by the aesthetic and anatomical features of traditional Japanese comics. The following courses teach you how to illustrate manga and anime style facial expressions and how to create kawaii characters. You can also learn coloring techniques and how to animate your creations. If you want to perfect your technique, you can check your progress with a little help from these illustrators, regardless of your experience level. They’ll inspire you with their work and references, and they’ll share their methods for you to develop your own manga-style characters. Manga Character Creation, a course by Andrea Jen Andrea is one of the leading figures in manga creation in the Spanish-speaking world. She will teach you how to create your own characters, from the concept idea to the character sheet. You will learn to draw male and female characters in different poses, conveying emotions of varying intensity.

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