The purpose of this series of exercises that we propose to you is to gradually put into practice the knowledge that you have been able to glean during your discovery of the Pascal language. The proposed exercises are based on the Turbo Pascal 7 compiler, and the solutions offered can be easily compiled with this compiler, or any other compatible compiler. It is also important to note that the proposed solutions should be consulted for information only: there are as many solutions to a problem as there are human beings! So don’t be frustrated if the code you get differs from the one offered: the main objective remains the proper functioning of your program. There remains a not insignificant point: however, we will take care, when programming the various exercises, to keep a clear structure, while avoiding “exotic” tricks, in order to allow an easy understanding of the code. We therefore invite you to do the same, in order to get used to programming as “clean” as possible.

For the realization of this series of exercises, we would like to especially thank Eric Sigoillot, who allowed us to finalize this project, thanks to his constructive remarks and his work on the layout of these pages.

Giovanny Temgoua and Mathieu Dalbin


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