The certification

LiveMentor’s Copywriting Training Prepares Participants for Certification Deploy a growth-generating digital content writing strategy for the company (currently recognized as “Produce quality digital content“, registered in the Specific Directory with France Skills).

Prerequisites : The certification is accessible to people with a college patent level, a computer, mastery of web browsing (emails, research and functionalities related to video). In addition, the candidate’s project and motivation are the subject of an interview prior to entry into the certification course.

Target audiences : The certification is aimed at business creators, business leaders (TPE) and project leaders.

Skills repository : The certification assesses the acquisition of 5 skills:

  1. Define your customer target by identifying consumption habits, internet usage, purchasing preferences in order to choose the right communication vector and argumentation strategy.
  2. Write a written communication (sales page, landing page, blog article, sequence of emails, video script, advertising) based on different writing or persuasion techniques (KISS, visualization, pattern interrupt) in order to meet the objective communication strategy defined by the company.
  3. Participate in the quality of the image of your company and the clarity of its communication by distributing, implicitly or explicitly, written content adapted to the values ​​of the company, respecting a charter or a previously defined editorial line.
  4. Test different message forms/techniques and their content in order to identify, with regard to the various performance indicators, their scope and the relevance of the choice of communication vector.
  5. Monitor new practices copywriting in order to test new techniques or methods and propose innovations adapted to the context of his company.

The assessment framework for these skills can be accessed here

Passing the certification

As soon as you start training, you will be registered for a certification pass at the end of your month of training.

Your assessment will be carried out on the basis of the skills grid provided in the skills framework.

The assessment is done in two parts.

  1. An evaluation of the acquisition of key skills, via practical cases
  2. An assessment of knowledge and entrepreneurial practices, validated during an oral

Our teams also provide booklets to help you prepare for the tests.

In 2020, 251 project leaders followed our training248 obtained the certification, 3 did not obtain it, a success rate of 99%.

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