Thanks to and its support from managers and business creators, you are never alone again

Since 2007, connects the small business leaders (SME, TPE) and the world of business consulting in France. To best support entrepreneurs, we offer a wide choice of practical sheets on various topics: business planBusiness Development, Treasury and much more, to meet all your needs. To provide a personalized response to business leaderswe also offer a large network of business advisers and of consultants (strategy consulting, organization consulting and much more) trained and experienced who have been selected for the quality of their accompaniement which are available near you. Our network of executive coaches is made up of 787 local councilors throughout the territory and now has nearly 6 million annual visits. One of our major assets is our reactivity because we guarantee you a contact within 48 hours, for a physical meeting (or remotely through a videoconference) with a business advisor.

Thanks to our teams and our network of advisersthe business leaders are never alone again.

A wide choice of practical sheets and business advisers nearby offers you a wide choice of free practical sheets, a precious help for business leaders and the entrepreneurs. Indeed, the priority being action, our practical sheets are designed to be a direct time saver for you and to best respond to your request for information on various topics. Looking for answers about business creation ? Our files on how to do a business planthe management of Treasury or even the business financing will undoubtedly meet your needs. Also find all our files on the Business Managementthe staff managementthe marketingthe Business Development And much more.

You cannot find the exact answer to your question about your life as a company manager ? A advisor is at your disposal nearby or remotely to help you manage your business. Our business coach will contact you within 48 hours for a physical meeting or by videoconference in order to bring you a advice personalized and aid important to you and your TPE Where SME.

trust and his team of business advisers and of consultants to support you in your daily lifecontractor.

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