Expert in web communities, the Community Manager works mainly in agencies, but also for an advertiser, a company, a website…

On behalf of a brand or a company (sometimes a celebrity) it is he who federates and animates the exchanges between Internet users. For this, it mainly uses social networks (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter…) and professionals (Viadeo, LinkedIn, Xing…). It is in a way the “version 2.0” of the webmaster!

Ambassador of the “brand” to Internet users, responsible fore-reputation, the community manager communicates the company’s message externally and provides the company with feedback from the community. This dialogue with Internet users is essential: on the one hand, it allows the company’s advice and catalog to be disseminated and, on the other, to send comments or criticisms to the relevant company departments. All this with the aim of retaining Internet users and acquiring new “regulars”. The community manager is at the heart of the communication strategy. The means of action of Community Manager are varied: sparking conversations and intervening directly, creating content (blogs, product sheets, etc.), granting promotions to Twitter subscribers, having Facebook friends choose the next product they want to see on the market, offering contests or meetings with the company’s creatives, etc.

To develop the desire, loyalty and cohesion of its communitythe Community Manager must master the codes of its target and promote the exchange of experience. For this, he knows his employer’s strategy and masters technical jargon, as well as SEO software and search engines. Above all, he has a very good practice of social and professional networks, the blogosphere and forums.

Finally, the community manager must also enforce the rules of good conduct within its community: respect for Netiquette, protection of personal data, etc.

But the animation of the communities on the social networks is not the only mission of the community manager even if it is without context the one to which he devotes the most time. Other activities include: analysis of results, production of editorial content, images and photos (content manager), brand monitoring, definition of strategies and formalization of procedures (community architect ).

Creative, reliable, reactive and sociable, the CM is above all a web, webmarketing and media enthusiast! It is generally attached to the communication or marketing department in a company.

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