BTS, GOAL: to be operational in two or three years after the baccalaureate

One of the most popular ways to train in the professions of communication is the PURPOSE Information and communication. Depending on your project, you can choose the communication option for organizations, information and document management in organizations or even advertising.

To become a future com pro, there are also 3 BTS, each with their favorite field: BTS Communication, BTS Visual Communication and the BTS Design of communication, space and volume (ex-BTS Visual expression option communication spaces).

At university: diplomas from bac+3 to bac+5

It is one of the flagship courses of theuniversity : the information-communication sector. From the license to the master, you can specialize and professionalize in five years in a specific field, depending on each university. Continue your studies in communication after a bachelor’s degree is a wise choice for those who want to specialize or obtain a double competence. Thus it is quite possible to obtain a Master in various fields such as visual communication, institutional communication, or even media management, corporate communication, financial communication, etc.

THE orientation fair not to be missed

We give you an appointment on the Studyrama virtual fair for Communication Training and Professions to find the training of your dreams!
You will meet experts, professionals and young graduates to discuss your future career. It is also a unique opportunity to discover the many professions that exist (communication officer, press officer, internal or external communication manager, etc.) and to ask your questions during e-conferences.

If you already have a bac+2 in communication (BTS, DUT, license), you can also opt for a professional license which allows you to obtain a recognized specialization in one year.

How to work in communications and marketing?

Communication and marketing have never been so important and strategic for companies and all associative, public and political organizations. The sector has become more professional and has adapted to a context of globalization and the development of new technologies and the Internet. Whether in an agency, with the advertiser or as a freelancer, the communication and marketing professions are diverse and the training courses that lead to them are just as diverse.

On the school side: choose your specialty

Many specialized schools cover the field of communication, accessible directly after the baccalaureate or after a bac+2/3, and by competition. They teach one at a time theoretical and practical.

If business matters do not scare you, do not neglect either business schools who offer specializations in marketing and who can open up a wider range of opportunities for you.

Both can offer you to prepare Bachelors. These are training courses that are particularly on the rise in the communication sector. Some Bachelors will be oriented towards digital communication, advertising or event communication.

Industry news

Is communication a sector that recruits? What are the flagship professions and which have good opportunities? Discover our business section dedicated to the Communication sector which provides an update on the main figures of the sector, the developments to be expected, but also sheets dedicated to each job in order to choose the one that suits you best!

Are you made for the communication professions? Take the test to find out!

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