Difficult to do without specialists in communication in a society where the image reigns supreme. And if companies have understood it for a long time, more and more institutions, associations and even individuals are also calling on professionals. The Internet has also created new needs. The only condition: to be well trained.

In an ultra competitive environment, looking after your image has become as essential as knowing how to sell your products. Companies are therefore looking to improve their communication, whether internally with their employees and shareholders, or externally with their suppliers and the media.

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The communication strategy is a central issue for which companies do not hesitate to spend thousands of euros. According to the Institute for Research and Advertising Studies (IREP), communication represented an investment of 31.9 billion euros for companies in 2016.

The communication sector: many opportunities

Opportunities There are also many there: companies of course, but also agencies that allow you to manage a portfolio of diversified clients. In addition, local communities, associations, unions, NGOs, political parties, educational establishments and even individuals are increasingly calling on communication professionals to enhance their image. So many outlets not to be neglected, especially as they open up to positions of responsibility.

The needs particularly concern communication officers, press officers, project managers, but also graphic designers and salespeople.

The digital age creates new communication professions

The advent of new means of communication around the internet and social networks offers a great opportunity for young graduates to showcase their skills in this area, compared to previous generations who are sometimes a little outdated.

Digital-related functions are also very attractive: web project manager, community manager, SEM managers, traffic managers …

List of communication professions

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Communication and marketing professions

Communication and marketing have never been so important and strategic for companies and all associations, public and political organizations. The sector has become more professional and has adapted to a context of globalization and the development of new technologies and the Internet. Whether in agency, advertiser or freelance, communication and marketing professions are diverse and the training that leads to them are just as diverse. If in the past it was possible to learn on the job, today it is necessary to go through specific courses: from BTS to Masters via specialized schools, the possibilities are numerous and will depend on your desires. It took a whole book to explain the different possible ways. An address book at the end of the book will even allow you to make direct contact with schools and professional organizations.

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