The two current web celebrities, Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj, organized a grand ceremony for their wedding. Accompanied by their baby girl Ruby, they made the front page of every magazine for at least a week. Indeed, planned and organized since last year, the wedding of our two lovebirds has suffered two postponements. Health crises, and the Coronavirus pandemic not helping, the ceremony finally took place last January 26.

In addition to her absent father, the Marseillaise did not include her best friend Maeva Ghennam as well as Julien Tanti.

Despite his absence at the wedding of Carla and Kevin, Maeva Ghennam wanted to send them a benevolent and emotional message to the young couple. This Friday, March 11, 2022, young people from Marseille organized a program called Carla and Kevin: the wedding that My TF1 Max unveils the same day.

Carla Moreau postpones her honeymoon

After a wedding worthy of a fairy tale, the next destination is inevitably that of the honeymoon. But against all odds, the young couple interrupts the festivities by canceling their honeymoon. This news, as unexpected as it is surprising, shocks Internet users who set the web on fire. They seek to understand the reasons that motivated Mr. and Mrs. Guedj to take such a decision.

During an interview for the TF1 group, the young mother says she is affected by the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Indeed, for Carla, to have a wedding at the other end of the world; to celebrate ; having fun and celebrating one’s love while thousands of people are dying and suffering is practically inhuman. She cannot base her happiness on the unhappiness of others.

This would therefore be the precious reason why the wife of Kevin Guedj puts her marriage to a later date. It is therefore only a postponement, the honeymoon will therefore indeed take place.

During this time, the couple will not sit idly by, their admirers can follow them and comment on their actions on the various social networks.

Now under contract for the TF1 group, will Carla and her husband be back in a new reality TV show?

The newlyweds make their big comeback on television

It’s confirmed: the Guedj couple are making their new appearance on television with their own show. Their advertising was made on the networks and also on television, in particular on the MyTF1 platform. Their favorite program the Mif includes Carla, Kevin and their daughter: Ruby. The secondary characters in their shows will only be their new friends. I want to quote: Maïssane; Julien Guirado; Kevin Gozlan; Tommy González; Darling Ds; Patricia Contreras or Allan Guedj to name but a few.

Kevin Guedj’s family has their own show

The show the Mif of the Guedj couple will essentially revolve around the private life of the Guedj family. They will express their feelings about the history of witchcraft (again recently mentioned by Booba) and how they managed to overcome it. Of course, they will also talk about the wonderful moments of their meeting, Carla’s pregnancy, their little girl Ruby and the emotional moments. The first season is divided into six episodes. These episodes will each last about thirteen minutes.

Complicated missions will be entrusted to them such as the education and organization of Ruby. The goal is that they will have to do everything to solve these missions.


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