Is the couple of the moment preparing for a new maternity? Fans of the two great celebrities Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj wonder about a possible pregnancy of MAdam Guedj. Stars do not make the public yearn and silence rumors.

Last week on the set of Cyril Hanouna, the spouses confided in the subject. Carla and her dear husband then answered a series of questions during which we can perceive the couple’s desire to give Ruby a little sister. Indeed, during the show, the two celebrities had to make many confessions both about their professional life and their private life.

Their presence on the set of TPMP was truly striking and unforgettable.

At the same time, on Wednesday March 9, the Melty editorial team had the chance to meet the couple Kevin Guedj and Carla Moreau in the premises of TF1 for a really special interview. The latter revealed there the attachment that Ruby has for her father. She goes on to say, “Right now, she’s into Kevin; she has phases like that! Sometimes it’s me, sometimes it’s his father, but right now it’s his father.

Kevin Guedj and Carla Moreau no longer want to participate in the Marseillais

This is now official and known to all: the couple is ending their participation in the Marseillais. The prestigious couple from the reality TV show have decided to draw a line under their participation in the show: The people of Marseilles.

This sad decision was not easy to make since it was their seventh year of active participation, however they resigned themselves to doing it.

As evidence, it was announced that the only one present in the confession is their friend Paga. Of course, we wonder whether there would have been any misunderstandings with other members of the team.

But Kevin responds negatively and says that: “We decided to stop. It’s a complicated decision. We met there. We were good with this production“.

But as if to console the slightly disappointed super-fans, it has been announced that the couple will be appearing in other reality TV shows. Their shows will be broadcast on the C8 channel and will bring to light the realities of their marriage, like many others before them.

The couple responds unanimously on the possibility of a new pregnancy

Since September 2020, Kevin Guedj’s answer when asked “When will you have a second child” has never changed. He always said, “If it were up to me, it would be tomorrow. But my wife prefers not to rush and take her time to have a second child”. But today, it seems that the decision has been taken and unanimously.

For the past few weeks, the young actress has been teasing the minds of her Internet users on the web. She repeatedly broadcast photos of ultrasounds and pregnancy tests. This awoke the rumor that is shaking the web: Would Carla be pregnant again?

During the Cyril Hanouna show, the actress raised concerns. Her fiancé joked, “Not me anyway.” But Ruby’s mum answered clearly “Noto the question of whether she is pregnant.

Everything is now clear and the rumors are drying up. However, the idea of ​​expanding the Guedj family is not unthinkable. The statements of the couple indeed show that they are not entirely against the idea. In particular the mother of the family, especially when she says: “We are thinking about having a second child, but it won’t be for now”.


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