The business of sophrologist that interests you ? Are you sensitive to well-being methods? Empathy is one of your qualities and you have good interpersonal skills? Discover the skills, missions, salary and opportunities of this profession.

Training available :

Training to become a Sophrologist

  • Available in distance learning
  • For students, current employees or job seekers
  • Without diploma requirements

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The sophrologist is a practitioner of well-being. He is in charge of allow a person to better understand their stress and better manage their daily life, through specific methods.

Sophrology combines meditation and relaxation. The practitioner helps the patient to draw on inner resources to enable him to achieve his goals: professional, personal or social.

The sophrologist accompanies people who want to solve all types of problems: stress or pain management, obsessive or eating disorders, difficulty concentrating and memorizing, addiction management, and other situations.

The sophrologist’s mission is therefore varied and can affect a wide audience, adults or children, men and women, suffering from a pathology or not.

The sophrologist can intervene in individual sessions, but also collective sessions, in particular with employees in companies.

Among the techniques used by the sophrologist, we can find the different breathing methods, relaxation exercises and stimulation of the body.

The practice of sophrology is recognized, but the sophrologist is not a health professional. Therefore, he is not allowed to prescribe medication.

The sophrologist generally works on his own account as a liberal in his own office or travels to a company. He can also work in a team in rehabilitation centers, retirement or rest homes.

Its missions are mainly:

Exchange with the patient

During the first session with the patient, the sophrologist discusses at length with him. He takes the time to understand the reasons for his visit. The sophrologist seeks to know his objectives, his brakes, his resources. All this information will allow the practitioner to adapt his care program to the patient.

Sophrology sessions

Once the problems have been identified, the sophrologist determines the number of sessions necessary to achieve the patient’s objectives. He programs between one and several sessions. During his sessions, he applies the various sophrology techniques, particularly in meditation and relaxation. Sessions end once the patient’s goal is achieved.

Business Management

Finally, the sophrologist is the manager of his company. He establishes a strategy to publicize his firm and find his clients: creation of a website, development of social networks, search for partnerships.

Then, he also manages the administrative part of the company: accounting, invoicing, management of the secretariat.

Qualities and skills

The sophrologist is a specialist in alternative medicine. It is a job that also requires essential human qualities.

Here are a few :

  • Listen carefully: Listening is the most important quality of the sophrologist to understand the expectations of the patient through the exchange. He spends time questioning and listening to his patient in order to find out as much as possible about his blockages.
  • Empathy and kindness: The sophrologist listens with empathy and benevolence to his patients. He does not judge them and remains respectful of the facts mentioned by his patient, in all circumstances.
  • Persuasion: As the sophrologist leads individual and collective sessions, he knows how to be persuasive to accompany his clients, and push them to accept the care program proposed by the professional.
  • Creativity : Finally, the sophrologist redoubles his creativity. During the sessions, he adapts the different activities to the needs of the patient and offers personalized methods. The sophrologist will not present the same program for a child or an adult for example, even if the problem is the same.

Is a diploma compulsory?

Although sophrology is recognized as a practice, the profession of sophrologist is not regulated. There is therefore no degree required to become a sophrologist. However, professional training is recommended.


If you want to become a sophrologist, here is the only currently recognized training.

BAC + 2 level:

Sophrologist professional certification

The professional certification of sophrology is the only training recognized RNCP by the State.

It is possible to follow this training in only a dozen training centers in the country, members of the network of the French society of sophrology which lists these approved establishments.

Training lasts 300 hours and is open to everyone. Through theoretical lessons and practical courses, the apprentice sophrologist discovers the methods of relaxation and meditation, the techniques of sophrology and learns to animate individual and collective sessions.

At the end of the training, 90% of certified people become sophrologists within 6 months.

Training available :

Training to become a Sophrologist

  • Available in distance learning
  • For students, current employees or job seekers
  • Without diploma requirements
beacademy school

TOP online training :



The sophrologist being a liberal professional, his salary will vary according to his notoriety and the number of clients he receives. On average, a beginner sophrologist earns approximately €1,500 gross per month (source).

How much does a sophrologist earn?


Sophrology is an increasingly popular discipline and it is therefore important that the beginner sophrologist devotes time to developing his notoriety in order to stand out.

The employment of sophrologist can be carried out to become an integral source of income, but it can just as well be a job to supplement the monthly income of a household.

If he starts as an employee in a health establishment, he can consider evolving by opening his own private practice. Eventually, the sophrologist can also turn to training and become a sophrologist-trainer.

Find a job

Find a job
Find a job

To find a job as a sophrologist, offers on job search sites are available such as The vast majority of professionals evolve independently and open their practice.

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