From the idea or project of the creative designer, the holder of this professional baccalaureate produces a prototype intended to be reproduced, in large numbers or in limited series. In a methods office, he takes samples, chooses the appropriate materials or materials, establishes the manufacturing schedule and calculates a provisional price.

Multimedia visual communication option prepares students for careers in visual communication in the advertising, publishing, press and multimedia sectors. The holder of this option masters the techniques of document layout and can execute a mock-up from the designer’s project. He also produces 2D/3D illustrations, multimedia animations and graphic elements for the Web. After additional training or a few years of experience, he can work as an employee in a communication agency or a visual communication and advertising studio, or as a freelancer.

Access the visual merchandising option

Access the trades in signage and signage option

Access the upholstery option

Access the scientific and technical glassware option

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