THE SPORT SCAN – In order to make the route of the grand prix more spectacular, the organizers have built a marina from scratch without any access to water with yachts resting on concrete.

Miami will host its first grand prix in history at the Formula 1 World Championship next Sunday. The organizers are obviously ready to do anything to offer viewers the most beautiful images possible with an extremely spectacular site. Around the stadium of the Miami Dolphins NFL franchise, in the suburbs of the Florida city, American officials have thus installed a marina inside the route. Except that this one is totally artificial (see the video from 0”10).

A marina without any access to a water point

On a few hundred square meters, a dozen luxurious yachts have been transported by truck and rest… on a thick wooden floor and concrete. And to deceive Formula 1 fans in front of their screens, water panels have been placed around the boats in recent days. The images of the preparations leaked on social networks, causing incomprehension, mockery and sometimes the legitimate anger of Internet users.

An absurd “fake” marina for internet users

In recent months, mock-up images of Miami’s layout and its very lush surroundings did indeed show a tiny marina stuck in the middle of a bend with boats moored but no access to a navigable area. An absurd staging on the ecological level even if Miami, city of rhinestones and glitter on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, wishes to promote its many nautical activities.

An urban circuit moved to the suburbs of Miami

Initially, the Miami Grand Prix was to be held in town but plans have changed in recent months. The route has moved to the outskirts of the city, in the Hard Rock Stadium area with plenty of parking. After intense work carried out within a tight deadline, the temporary circuit (5.410 km long and 19 turns) finally emerged from the ground under the name of Miami International Autodrome.

The model of the Miami circuit. DR

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