On March 30, Gabriel Attal, spokesman for the government, announced the dissolution of the Antifascist Group Lyon and Surroundings (GALE). GALE is the latest group to bear the brunt of this highly political procedure, decided by the Council of Ministers.

What is reproached to the members of the GALE? Broadly speaking, to participate in undeclared demonstrations, where “hostile slogans” law enforcement are “promised”, to oppose “state violence and racism” through “ideological discourse”, to highlight and denounce police violence, to do not hesitate to oppose neo-fascist groups, to relay information on struggles and above all to have a massive audience on social networks.

On reading these reasons, it is clear that the state seeks to silence any criticism of its operation and its police.

Even if the timetable chosen by the government leaves little doubt about the electoral dimension of this maneuver carried out within the framework of a presidential campaign leaning resolutely on the far right, this decision is part of a broader movement to speeding up the procedures for dissolving and expanding the scope of the associations concerned at work since 2010.

The Macron five-year term has done more than confirm this trend since 29 associations have been administratively dissolved during this period, in particular several associations fighting against racism and Islamophobia and against the colonization of Palestinian territories by the State of Israel. No other President of the Fifth Republic had said so much. Not even de Gaulle who in ten years of power has nevertheless used this exceptional provision on many occasions, in particular to silence the protest resulting from May 68.

The novelty this time is the mobilization of an article of the Separatism law, tailor-made to attack radical left groups. It is through this article, which reinforces the provisions of article L212-1 of the Internal Security Code, that GALE is accused of “cause armed demonstrations or violent acts against persons or property”.

It should be noted that with such a broad criterion for dissolution, the political and trade union collectives and organizations which have called for demonstrations against the Global Security Law, the pension reform, or even the calls for blocking and demonstrations launched on Facebook by vest groups Yellows could just as well fall under this law.

Already, in January Gérald Darmanin had begun to study the legal possibilities of dissolving the media Nantes Révoltée, spared for the moment.

The Ministry of the Interior is reconnecting here with a historic use of dissolution, for the purpose of muzzling resistance to the established order: in the 1950s, separatist and anti-colonial organizations were targeted; in the “1968s”, it was the turn of far-left groups (Gauche Prolétarienne, Ligue Communiste, the March 22 Movement, etc.); in the 1980s, it was once again extra-parliamentary left-wing organisations, as well as Corsican separatists who were attacked; or the Kurdish movement in the 90s.

The legal jaws are supplemented from year to year to attack those who still allow themselves to criticize the government. The separatism law came to complete an already consequent repressive mille-feuille: Global Security law; permanent state of emergency; mass incarceration for political reasons; injuries and mutilations; “anti-breaker” laws after the Yellow Vests; state of health emergency; avalanche of racist and anti-social measures; prosecution for claiming that “the police kill”. However, the dispute does not go away.

While last month, an Argentine rugby player was shot dead in the middle of Paris by former members of the GUD (former far-right student union) on a background of racism, and that far-right ideas, racist and neo-fascist ideas s expressed more and more massively in the media space, we say that the dissolution of an anti-fascist group contributes to the reinforcement of this nauseating tendency.

That is why, whether or not the appeal brought before the Council of State by the lawyers of GALE to annul the dissolution measure is successful, we affirm that the ideas and practices of anti-fascism will continue to exist. and to infuse into society, into people’s minds, into the streets.

These struggles are legitimate and necessary. They will persist despite arbitrary administrative decisions and all the governments that attack them will find people determined to oppose the authoritarian turn that they want to impose on us and to defend the right to criticize the government and its policies.

First signatories

Sophie ALLAERT, lawyer at the Paris Bar
Florence ALLIGIER, lawyer at the bar of Lyon
Eric AUNOBLEhistorian
Jeans AGNEShonorary professor, philosopher of education
Sonia AKUElawyer at the bar of Lyon
Judith Bazin, lawyer at the bar of Montpellier
Carol BAZZANELLAlawyer at the Paris Bar
Arnaud BÉALteacher-researcher, psychologist
Genevieve Bernanosfor the collective of supportive mothers
Olivier BESANCENOTspokesperson for the NPA
Michele WHITElawyer at the bar of Annecy
Anthony WELLlawyer at the Strasbourg Bar
Taha BOUHAFSjournalist
Nohra BOUKARAlawyer at the Strasbourg Bar
Hill BROTHlawyer at the bar of Créteil
Agnes BOOKlawyer at the bar of Lyon
vincent BRENGARTH lawyer at the Paris staff
vanessa CODACCIONIlecturer in political science
Adrian HORNunion representative of the CGT Grandpuits.
Lionel CRUSOElawyer at the Paris staff
Immanuel DAOUDlawyer at the Paris staff
Benoit Davidlawyer at the Paris staff
alexander DERKSENlawyer at the bar of Lyon
Virginia DROPOUTSnovelist
Thomas DOSSUSenator of the Rhône
Adeline DUBOSTlawyer at the bar of Lyon
Sylvain DUBRAYlawyer at the bar of Lyon
David DUFRESNEwriter and director
jules FALQUETuniversity professor of philosophy
Nicholas FANGETlawyer at the bar of Lyon
Didier FASSINanthropologist
Nicole FOULQUIERlawyer at the bar of Béziers
Olivier FORRAYlawyer at the bar of Lyon
Clara DANDYlawyer at the Paris Bar
Jeansjames GANDINIhonorary lawyer at the bar of Montpellier
Barbara GLOWCZEWSKIanthropologist
Gaetan GRACEaeronautical worker, CGT workshops in Haute-Garonne
Zoe GUILBAUDlawyer at the bar of Nantes
George GUMPELFrench Jewish Union for Peace- Lyon
Anise HARABIlawyer at the Paris staff
Mohammad JAITElawyer at the Paris staff
Sarah JUSTlawyer at the bar of Lyon
Faisal KALAFlawyer
Anasses KAZIBspokesperson for Permanent Revolution
Raphael KEMPFlawyer at the Paris staff
Amid KHALLOUFstudent lawyer
Dawn KOECHLINsociologist
Frantz KOSKASlawyer at the bar of Lyon
Isabella KRZYWKOWSKIprofessor of literature
Geoffrey OF LAGASNERIEsociologist and philosopher
Matilda LARREREhistorian
Christian THE DUKEsongwriter
Christophe LE GRONTEClawyer at the Paris staff
Janaïna LEYMARIElawyer at the Toulouse Bar
Simon LE ROULLEYsociologist
JeansRock LEVARAYwriter
Virginia THE GREENlawyer at the bar of Lyon
albert LEVYlawyer and former magistrate
Cecile LINOSSIERlawyer at the bar of Haute-Loire
Aymeric LOMPRETcomedian
Olivier LONGlecturer in arts
Frederic LORDONeconomist
Juliet LOUEDECstudent lawyer
xavier MATHIEUactor, former spokesperson for the Contis
Elasa MARCELlawyer at the Paris Bar
carolina MECARYlawyer at the bars of Paris and Quebec
Helen MELMIlawyer at the bar of Aube
Pascale Marie MILANanthropologist
Yolanda MOLINA UGARTEworker, lawyer at the Bar of Bayonne
carine MONZATlawyer at the bar of Lyon
Olivier NEphewsprofessor of theater history and aesthetics
Ugo PALHETAsociologist
Alain PARRAUscholar and writer
Hugo PARTOUCHlawyer at the Paris staff
Frederic PAULINwriter
Philip PELLETIERgeographer
bastien PITCHlawyer at the bar of Dijon
Philip POUTOUspokesperson for the NPA
Tancred RAMONETdirector
Mrs Muriel RESSIGUIERDeputy La France Insoumise of Hérault
Matthew RIGOUSTsociologist
SAIDOU (sidi Wacho), artist
Julian SALINGUEdoctor of political science
xavier SAUVIGNETlawyer at the Paris staff
Dimitrios SCARPALEZOSlecturer in mathematics
Karine SHEBABOlawyer at the Paris Bar
SKALPELactivist rapper
SIDmilitant artist
Alessandro STELLAhistorian
Fabian TARRITlecturer in economics
Roman telllecturer in history
vincent UBEDAstudent lawyer
patrick VASSORTlecturer in sociology
pedro VIANNApoet
Maud YOULOUNTASdirector
Yannis YOULOUNTASdirector


Anarchist Federation NPA 69
NPA youth Lyon
Squat NOTARA 26, Athens
ROUVIKONAS Group, Athens
Solidarity trade union union (Alsace, 11, 12, 31, 34, 45, 53, 73, 85) Sud Education 85
magistrates union
Clean Slate Association

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