In France, more than 420,000 people work in advertising and marketing. A sector which, with the development of the web, is recruiting new profiles.

Advertising professions

Advertising helps to develop the notoriety and image of a product or a brand with the aim of influencing the purchasing behavior of consumers.

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In the sector there are 3 types of actors who are as many outlets: companies or organizations (called advertisers) which communicate on their products, agencies which advise the advertiser in their communication strategy and create advertisements, and the media .

We can distinguish 3 types of trades:

The strategists:

The creatives:

Commercial :

Between the strategists and the creatives, they play the intermediary.

Some trades are also advertising, even if they seem a little apart. The agent, for example, takes care of putting artists (photographer, illustrators) in touch with advertisers. Other professions can sometimes even be close to communication. Write a brochure, a company newspaper, create a buzz on the web for a brand: communication or advertising?

Marketing professions

Marketing influences general company policy. Sell ​​what, to whom and how? In a context of increased competition, answering these questions is absolutely essential. Also, to create or improve a product, develop a clientele or retain it, companies must develop a comprehensive strategy.

Business, consulting firms, research institutes, advertisers and even freelancers: the opportunities are wide. All the more so as the marketing professions are present in all sectors linked to consumption: agro-food, tourism, luxury goods, industry, banking, IT. And more and more in areas related to image, such as politics or humanitarian aid.

We can classify the marketing professions into two main families:

Those who study the target:

It is a question of carrying out the survey on the consumer: who is he, what does he do, what does he need?

Those who seek to make the product as attractive as possible:

As for training, a high level of qualification is required. Moreover, the profiles sought often come from business schools.

The web: a new El Dorado?

The development of the internet has created new professions in advertising and marketing:

Those who seek to make the product as attractive as possible:

These jobs require knowledge of both marketing, IT tools and public relations. Growth forecasts on the Web augur well for all these new professions.


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Communication and marketing professions

Communication and marketing have never been so important and strategic for companies and all associations, public and political organizations. The sector has become more professional and has adapted to a context of globalization and the development of new technologies and the Internet. Whether in agency, advertiser or freelance, communication and marketing professions are diverse and the training that leads to them are just as diverse. If in the past it was possible to learn on the job, today it is necessary to go through specific courses: from BTS to Masters via specialized schools, the possibilities are numerous and will depend on your desires. It took a whole book to explain the different possible ways. An address book at the end of the book will even allow you to make direct contact with schools and professional organizations.

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