Accumulate salary and unemployment in case of resumption of a professional activity

You are looking for a full-time permanent contract and you are only offered part-time positions (Part-time: what remuneration?)… Go ahead and accept. To get back in the saddle during a period of unemployment, it is often best to accept a part-time paid position. While waiting to get the Grail, you can combine unemployment benefits and wages. The advantage is multiple: you gain experience, you expand your network… and you combine salary and unemployment.

Resumption of salaried activity: possible combination of ARE and salary

In accordance with article 3§2 of the agreement of 14 April 2017 relating to unemployment insurance and articles 30 to 34 of the appended general regulations, “In order to further encourage people to return to work, while ensuring that the insurance nature of the unemployment insurance scheme is preserved, the accumulation of income from a professional activity resumed during compensation and the allowance is possible throughout the compensation period, within the limit of the previous salaryunder the conditions defined by the appended general regulations”. The agreement targets job seekers compensated under the ARE who, while receiving compensation, resumes salaried activity.

Regardless of the number of hours worked for the resumed activity, the beneficiary can combine his remuneration with part of his allowances, if he continues to meet all the conditions for the allocation of the ARE (Labour Code, art. L5422-1 et seq.)and in particular be actively and permanently looking for a job (but also not having reached the legal retirement age, etc.).

Your allowances are of course calculated according to the salary you receive each month. The amount of ARE paid corresponds to the amount of the daily ARE multiplied by the number of compensable days per month under the ARE. This number of compensable days is calculated according to the following formula: [ARE mensuelle – (rémunération brute de l’activité reprise * 0,70)] / ARE daily.

You will have to justify your activity each time. During the monthly declaration to Pôle Emploi, all you have to do is declare the number of hours and the gross amount of the salary(s) received. Make it clear that you are still looking for a job. The interim payment will then be triggered on your account. The rest of the sum is only collected when you have sent the photocopy of your payslip or an employer certificate. A little gymnastics, certainly, but which makes it possible to make fruitful its period of unemployment.

To note : the accumulation of allowances and remuneration cannot exceed the monthly amount of the reference salary (accumulation ceiling). This accumulation ceiling is calculated by multiplying the daily reference salary (365 ÷ 12 = 30.42).

Resumption of a self-employed activity: possible combination of ARE and salary

Non-salaried professional activities are those which are exercised outside of an employment contract. The accumulation of the ARE with remuneration from a self-employed professional activity is possible and is determined according to the procedures set by the application agreement no. 11 of April 14, 2017.

The recipient can combine his remuneration with part of his unemployment according to the same principle as that applicable to the accumulation of the ARE with the wages resulting from a salaried activity (see above).

Good to know : when the income is not known or when the activity begins, the calculation of the number of compensable days is done on the basis of a lump sum. An annual adjustment is then made on the basis of actual remuneration subject to social security contributions.

Accumulate salary and unemployment in the event of loss of one of the professional activities

This situation concerns the beneficiary who has several professional activities and who loses one of them. Article 3§2 of the agreement of 14 April 2017 relating to unemployment insurance mentioned above allows the accumulation of the ARE with the income from jobs kept, if:

  • Loss of retained activity is unintentional.
  • The beneficiary justifies, in respect of the new activity lost, an affiliation of at least 88 days worked or 610 hours worked.

In this case, the daily reference salary is determined on the basis of the remuneration corresponding to the job lost.

A review of his rights may be carried out if the recipient loses another salaried job.

To note : since 1er November 2019 (D. No. 2019-797 of July 26, 2019 relating to the unemployment insurance scheme), if you resumed a professional activity when you had not exhausted your unemployment rights, and you subsequently lose it, you benefit from the resumption of your initial unemployment rights until they are exhausted. If on the day your rights are exhausted, you have worked at least 910 hours (i.e. 6 months), you will benefit from new rights with a new duration of compensation.

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