There are still many players who wish to transfer their characters pending server mergers on New World. With an overwhelming number of servers still active and players leaving the game, some servers are unplayable. This is why players keep asking for character transfers and for others new faction tokens.

During the Dev Update, the developers have confirmed that a new wave will distribute transfer tokens, although the former was used for certain. The reason why they allow a new transfer has not yet been communicated, but it can be assumed that it is compensation for “the delay” that the server merger is taking.

Forum source: [Megathread] Inability to Transfer Servers

However, the transfer token will not be given immediately, indeed, Kay on the forum explains that there is a problem which creates a certain dissociation of resources during the transfer, so in order to avoid any problem for the players, the devs want to fix this issue first so that character transfers can be opened again. As we could write on the synopsis of the article, the developers did not give an exact date, but character transfer may well make a return before the February update, or so they hope. Therefore, if the developers’ plans go smoothly, within the next two weeks, players will be able to take advantage of a new ticket that will allow them to travel their characters to another server.

As after every major New World update, the developers post issues that are already being fixed. Here is the list of bugs you may encounter on Aeternum.

Currently on New World, skill chests only affect professions. It is possible to obtain rare resources useful for the profession, but also vials of azoth. Players are asking for a new chest to arrive, as experience points seem to be wasted.

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