Community management is a real job that cannot be done by just anyone, wanting to improvise and become one! There are skills and experiences to acquire before you can exercise it, and especially to become good at it.

You have several options to become competent in this area that we are going to present to you, because it is not enough to be born with a smartphone in your hand to know the codes of social networks and understand the workings of social networks in order to generate interest. commitment and produce quality content.

Discover our 9 tips to become a good Community Manager which will serve as a basis for you as well as the best practices to adopt to make the best use of social networks for your business!

1. Get training

Before you start, get some training. Like any profession, community management is learned and requires training. Today there are many degree courses to follow to be a community manager.

You can see on this article some examples of training to become a community manager.

2. Become one with the brand or product

The primary function of a community manager is to manage the e-reputation of a brand or product.

It is therefore important that you know this brand very well! In addition, you must immerse yourself in and be passionate about what the brand you represent offers. Find all the information you can about this brand (the company it comes from, the competition in the same field, product news, etc.) to know it at your fingertips. You must become unbeatable!

3. Have good communication skills

The community manager must have communication skills and must constantly improve them.

Indeed, he must be able to set up an effective and coherent discussion to help his customers, while demonstrating diplomacy when tension rises among dissatisfied customers. Having a background in journalism or marketing is therefore an asset.

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4. Build a relationship with customers

Knowing how to talk to customers is good. But maintaining a good relationship with customers is better! And this is one of the qualities that a community manager must have.

So, when you talk to your customers, don’t hesitate to maintain a good relationship with them. This will allow you to create a community and maintain its commitment.

A satisfied customer is a customer who can bring other potential customers.

5. Be simple and authentic

Keep it simple when talking with your community. Be yourself ! Be humble and don’t pass yourself off as an expert or a teacher. Thus, there will be no gap between you and customers. And it will also give you an honest and natural image of yourself.

6. Have great adaptability

Building a community requires well-thought-out strategies in advance. This means that you will have to adapt to the various developments and new appearances of social networks.

You will therefore have to keep a continuous watch on NTIC (New Information and Communication Technologies), developments in the conditions of use of social platforms, etc.

7. Offer authentic content

Community managers must be unanimous. If you want to engage a community, you need to share authentic content that appeals to that community. You have to know how to be bold when you can!

These unique contents are of high added value, so you have to worry about branding. For example, it will be necessary to use real photos in the publications, and not photos that simply come from royalty-free image databases. The latter may be less pretty, but will serve more.

8. Give your followers a voice

The interactions on the publications are effective tools to know the behavior of the subscribers. For example, the like is a good start of approval, but it is not enough to interact with the community. The ideal would therefore be to involve subscribers by pushing them to go beyond the like stage. This will involve, for example, asking questions about their expectations, their choices, etc.

Consulting the community and letting them have their say is a great way to strengthen ties with the community. Nevertheless, it will always be necessary to find interesting subjects that will not waste their time.

This consultation is also important for the launch of a new product or service, because the feedback will allow you to know exactly the expectations of the community.

9. Be there for your customers

The job of community manager is similar to that of a person who works in call centers. He must be present at all hours to help his customers. Yes, you will have to work 24 hours a day for them.

And this presence is not only a quality to have when you want to become a good community manager, but it will also bring out the professionalism in the profession.

However, presence is not enough! You have to be fully involved in the answers, in comments, in private messages, etc. The customer who writes is already making the effort to start a conversation and you must make sure to give him satisfaction, since this is a communication opportunity.

To create more links, make sure to keep communications, without being heavy or boring. This will mean, for example, creating appointments or small online events, etc., which will be based on the interests of the community.

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Good practices for a community manager

The role of the community manager is currently more than important, thanks to the explosion of the use of social networks today. He’s the social media specialist, and the tips we’re going to discuss here will cover the technicalities of that role.

The ephemeral story-telling

The progress of many platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram has been meteoric in recent years. The first has more than 8 million users per day in France alone, and the second in the 100 million users per day worldwide. These two examples focus on ephemeral content, and use the story option for a publication lasting up to 24 hours. The research of the content and the publication comes back to the role of the community manager! It should not be interrupted, because it is one of the tools that creates and strengthens links with users. In addition, many B2B companies are embarking on ephemeral content, because it is in line with current practices and uses.

The benefits of practicing ephemeral storytelling are:

  • The creation of desire and a sense of urgency that pushes the user to act,
  • Enhancement of the community through content exclusively dedicated to the latter (including special offers responding to a survey, promotions, etc.).

Immersive and live content

360° photos as well as live videos broadcast on Twitter and Facebook open up great opportunities for brands to boost! This style of content allows customers to become direct actors on the company’s publications, because they themselves can get involved, and it is this immersion that is sought.

For example, a live video can be shared or commented on live. Regarding the above photos, we have a choice on the angle of view, because the camera can be directed. This new practice also enriches the story-telling and is original. In addition, it generates truth about the products published by the company.

Use WhatsApp for customer service

WhatsApp is currently the number one messaging app in the world, with 1 billion users worldwide! It is therefore essential for a community manager to establish customer service via this application.

This large number comes from the simplicity in using the application, and it is particularly loved by all users. In addition, WhatsApp works on any medium (pc or mobile), and this promotes the customer experience with the company.

Use chatbots

These are intelligent online dialogue modules that serve as excellent playing cards for customer relations! They are particularly widely used to communicate on Twitter, Facebook, or other platforms.

The chatbot easily creates a link, and again, you can ensure round-the-clock availability for customers. If it is for example a question about an offer or a service, it can be easily resolved, efficiently and quickly.

Get started in the moment articles

L’instant articles is a special Facebook tool, launched some time ago. These are usually blog or press articles, displayed directly on the platform. The tool is very convenient, because users will no longer have to wait for content in other browsers to have the information.

The instant articles is also practical on the business side! It saves considerable time, since the publications can be viewed immediately. The publications will respond in particular to requests from users who need information on specific subjects or issues.

Our tip for becoming a good community manager

Community management is a profession in its own right that requires professional skills and expertise to ensure the proper functioning and launch of a company’s social media. It is therefore essential to be trained and to collect all the necessary tips to master the exercise of this function.

If you need more community management advice or or that you are looking for professionals to guide you or to manage your company’s social networks, call on a community manager on

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