SME visibilityIt is not easy to be an entrepreneur and one of the greatest difficulties encountered is certainly to boost the visibility of your business and stand out. Indeed, companies are sometimes powerless in the face of competition or giants established in the same sector.

To get a place, some multiply the actions hoping to attract the attention of their prospects on them. But before investing large sums in marketing or communication, let’s start by observing the means at your disposal to make yourself visible and check if you have already put them in place.

Indeed, you can have the best product in the world, if no one finds you, you will never sell it. But like many young entrepreneurs (or less young), you think that communicating well will cost you too much. In this case, here are 10 marketing actions that you must use to make yourself known while optimizing your communication budget.

1. Have a website

At the time when nearly 90% of the purchase journey takes place online, it is obviously no longer negotiable to own a website that offers potential visibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and anywhere in the world. But beware, if what they find – if they find it – is confusing or uninteresting, your visitors might leave just as quickly. So, to propose a site yes, but without doing everything and anything.

Thus, to take your first steps on the web, you can use online website editors like Wix, which is certainly the most used and best known. Just like Webs, Weebly, WebMode, Jimbo… this web editor allows you to create your website quickly, inexpensively and without programming knowledge. Indeed, a showcase site will only cost you about fifteen euros per month. Another strong point of these tools is the diversity and the choice of the graphic themes proposed which are for the most part adapted to your sector of activity.

Of course, like everything “apparently free”, these web editors have drawbacks (you can imagine that as a commercial enterprise, they have to earn a living) but I won’t talk about them here because it’s not is not the purpose of this article.

If you have a larger budget or do not have time to take care of it, you can also entrust the creation of your site to a professional. The Growth Driven Design method will appeal to growth-oriented companies.

If we have any advice to give you, invest first in your marketing, which still aims to create and satisfy demand rather than in the site.

At the beginning, a web platform that includes the basic functionalities will be sufficient insofar as if you really want to obtain long-term results, it will be necessary to add others as you study the feedback from your users.

2. Define your target

Did you know that more than a quarter of companies implement marketing actions without knowing their targets and without really caring about their expectations?

Yet, if a company has no idea of ​​its potential customers’ expectations, needs, or motivations, how can it hope to successfully market its products or services?

Thus, to communicate effectively, the priority lies above all in determining the typical portraits (or buyer personas) to which one wishes to address.

Whether you advertise on Google Adwords and/or Facebook, natural reference, content marketing or any other action for boost your visibility, increase your traffic or achieve another objective, it can be expensive if you have omitted to define your personas in advance.

Indeed, know in detail the profile of its targets and fully understanding their expectations according to the stage of the buying process in which they find themselves is essential since it will allow you to target the right people at the right time so that your actions are a success and avoid wasting too much time unnecessarily. budget/ while optimizing your profitability.

3. Work on your SEO

Lever emblematic of the traffic generation, the SEO remains an important opportunity, which helps to position itself at the top of the search results. However, a well-placed site has every chance of being visited.

What’s more, optimize your website for search engines is a free solution unlike advertising (if you decide to do it yourself).

However, work on the SEO of your site internet requires time and skills that you will often not have in-house. The help of a professional in the visibility of companies on the web can be of great use to you.

4. Create a blog

Another marketing technique for boost your online visibility at a lower cost, provided you take the time, is to offer targeted and relevant content to your targets via a blog.

Do you know that the content marketing (which is part of an inbound marketing strategy) costs 62% less and generates 3 times more leads than outbound marketing (online and offline advertising, email campaigns, sms, etc.)? Take advantage of it to save money.

The creation of a blog allows you to position yourself as an expert in your chosen fields, to enhance your image, to attract your prospects and to improve your referencing.

Here are some tips for writing your blog posts:

  • Post regularly
  • Choose keywords based on user queries
  • Your content must be optimized with your keywords or key phrases but also relevant and qualitative
  • Promote your blog content on social networks, in your newsletter, to those around you…
  • Talk to your targets

As you will have understood, content marketing will require a strong investment of time when writing and promoting content, but the game is worth the effort.

5. Use social networks

Being present on social media and communicating on it is a great way for you to be visible and take advantage of these many advantages. Multiply your presence on social networks no use. Select the ones where your prospects and customers are.

For example, if you are targeting young people, prefer Instagram and Snapchat. If your targets are professionals, Twitter and Linkedln are preferred social networks. As Facebook is the most used social network in the world with 2 billion users, no matter what you can have a page dedicated to your business on it.

Creating a profile or a page on these networks is free. To develop your presence on the web, I advise you to go even further and relay the articles of your blog, the news of your company, your events or your promotions… Again this will cost you nothing, only a not much time.

6. Create a My Business Page

For improve your local visibility, a completely free and easy-to-implement solution exists: Google My Business.

In less than 10 minutes, you create a Google My Business page and you can enjoy its benefits.

This tool intended for VSEs, SMEs and all types of companies mainly with a local activity allows them to have an online presence on Google: the insert on the right, between advertising and natural results (for local queries), on Google + and on Google Maps.

7. Participate in events

Publicizing your SME in your city, department or district to reach people who live nearby by participating in local events is a good solution.

Through your sales representatives, you should be present at a community gathering, at a local fair or show in order to improve the visibility of your business.

Participation in events allows you to make yourself known to potential customers but also to journalists who can get people talking about you in the press.

Even with a small budget, this type of event is accessible.

8. Create a contest

Offering products through the organization of contests is a good way to increase the visibility of your business. This marketing technique allows you to boost your notoriety but also to capture new customers.

The online contest via social networks has been very fashionable for a few years. In return for their participation, ask Internet users to like your Facebook page, write a comment or share your publication dedicated to the contest.

This low-cost action promotes viral word-of-mouth and allows you to reach Internet users who did not know you before.

9. Use press releases

Appearing in the press or on blogs related to your field of activity improves the visibility of your SME and enhances your image.

To do this, create a file of journalists and bloggers then contact them to present your company, your news or new products that may interest them. Organize meetings in the form of press breakfasts or use press releases to present your news to them.

Thus, you can hope that journalists will talk about your company in the press and bloggers on their site, your visibility will be boosted. This marketing practice can earn you big without spending too much money.

Bonus: Seek advice from a webmarketing consultant

We know that defining, organizing and analyzing your web strategy through diagnostics, action plans and monitoring of consistent performance indicators can quickly become a headache.

Call on a web marketing specialist will be of great help to you.

Faced with the diagnoses and ambitions of your company, he will accompany you in the choice of the various webmarketing actions to be undertaken and will ensure their execution.

Focused on the return on investment of the actions carried out, you make sure to benefit from expertise beneficial to your growth.

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